This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Campbell,. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Campbell,, Archibald Master of Campbell 1382
Campbell,, Archibald 2nd Earl of Argyll 1449
Campbell,, Cailen “Maol Math” (bald good) Chief of Clan MacDuine  
Campbell,, Colin 3rd of Ardkinglass about 1431
Campbell,, Colin Og 1st of Ardkinglas  
Campbell,, Dugald 4th of Craignish  
Campbell,, Dugald 3rd of Craignish  
Campbell,, Dugald 2nd of Craignish  
Campbell,, Dugald 1st of Craignish  
Campbell,, Iain Gorm 9th of Craignish about 1406
Campbell,, John “Riabhaich (the freckled)” 2nd of Ardkinglass about 1398
Campbell,, Malcolm 5th of Craignish  
Campbell,, Ronald 8th of Craignish about 1355
Campbell,, Sir Archibald 12th of Lochow, 2nd Baron 1310
Campbell,, Sir Colin “Ionganlach” 3rd Baron of Lochow 1336
Campbell,, Sir Colin ‘Callen Oig’ 11th of Lochow, 1st Baron 1282
Campbell,, Sir Duncan “Na-Adh” (Fortunate or Prosperous) of Lochow, 1st Lord Campbell of Argyll 1364