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Group as Name Birth
<absent> , ‘King of Scots’ (or Argyll)  
  , (St) Elgiva  
  , Ada  
  , Ada  
  , Ada  
  , Ada (Ela)  
  , Adela (Adele), Countess of Constance 1009
  , Adela (Adeliza) about 1035
  , Adela, Princess of England about 1062
  , Adelaide  
  , Adelaide  
  , Adelaide (Alix ) about 1140
  , Adele of Vermandois about 914
  , Aed or Aodh (Aonrachan or Anrothan) “Hugh the Solitary”  
  , Aeda or Aodh (Alain ‘Buriche’ the clumsy)  
  , Aedh Athlamhan ‘the Handy’ O'Neill, King of Aileach  
  , Aedh Oirdnidhe ‘the Dignified’, High King of Ireland  
  , Aedh Uairidhnach ‘of the Ague’, High King of Ireland  
  , Aefgifu of Ossory, Ireland  
  , Aeldhun, Bishop of Durham  
  , Aelflaed  
  , Aetheldryth  
  , Aethelreda, Princess of England  
  , Agatha  
  , Agnes  
  , Agnes  
  , Agnes  
  , Agnes  
  , Agnes  
  , Agnes  
  , Agnes, co-heiress of Caithness  
  , Airbertach of Argyll  
  , Alan ‘Dapifer’, Hereditary Steward of Dol  
  , Aldin of Home  
  , Aldred, Earl of Northumberland  
  , Alexander II, King of Scotland 1198-08-24
  , Alfonso IX of León 1171-08-15
  , Alfred ‘the Great’, King of Wessex, King of England 849
  , Alfred, 2nd lord of Bamburgh  
  , Alianora (Eleanor), Countess of Carrick  
  , Alice  
  , Alice  
  , Alicia  
  , Alicia, heiress of Gordon  
  , Aline  
  , Alphonso II, King of Aragon 1152
  , Alphonso VII, King of Castile 1105
  , Alphonso VIII, King of Castile  
  , Alphonso, Count of Provence  
  , Amabilla  
  , Amicia  
  , An Sagart (The Priest), Lay Abbot of Applecross  
  , Andrew II, King of Hungary  
  , Andrew, King of Hungary  
  , Angus, Lord of Bute and Arran  
  , Annabell  
  , Aodh (Hugh), 2nd of Barra, 22nd Chief  
  , Aodh (Iye) of Gigha  
  , Arnulf I “the Great”, Count of Flanders and Artois 885
  , Arnulf II, Count of Flanders 961
  , Athelaise  
  , Athelwolf of Wessex, King of England  
  , Athiocht  
  , Aungus, 1st Chief of clan Cameron  
  , Baine  
  , Baldwin I, Count of Flanders  
  , Baldwin II “the Bald”, Count of Flanders and Artois 863
  , Baldwin II, Count of Hainault about 1056
  , Baldwin III, Count of Flanders about 940
  , Baldwin IV “le barbu”, Count of Flanders about 980
  , Baldwin V & VII, Count V of Hainault and VII of Flanders 1150
  , Baldwin V, Count of Flanders 1012
  , Baldwin VI, Count of Flanders 1029
  , Baldwin, Count of Hainault  
  , Baldwin, Count of Hainault 1088
  , Bartolf (Bartholomew)  
  , Be Bind  
  , Beatrice  
  , Beatrix  
  , Beatrix  
  , Beatrix of Scotland  
  , Beauchamp “Campus bellus”, heiress of Beauchamp  
  , Berengaria of Castile about 1179
  , Berengarius, Count of Brittany  
  , Bernard II, Duke of Saxony  
  , Bertha  
  , Berthe  
  , Berwald  
  , Bethoc 984
  , Bethoc  
  , Bethoc  
  , Bethoc  
  , Blanche  
  , Blanche, Queen of Navarre about 1180
  , Breasal of Brega  
  , Buadan  
  , Béatrix  
  , Cacht  
  , Calder of Calder  
  , Calder of Calder  
  , Camel  
  , Carbri of the Liffey, Riada  
  , Charles ‘the Great’ (Charlemagne) King of the Franks, Emperor of the West, Emperor of the Romans 742
  , Charles II “the Bald'”, King of the West Franks, Holy Roman Emperor 823
  , Charles, Count d‘Valois, Count d’Anjou 1270-03-12
  , Christian  
  , Christian  
  , Christian about 1308
  , Christian  
  , Christian  
  , Christian of Strathearn  
  , Christina  
  , Cian, King of Keenaght  
  , Colban, Mormaer (Earl) of Buchan  
  , Colman (Colmain)  
  , Colyn  
  , Conaire II, Ard-Righ (High King) of Ireland at Tara  
  , Conan III ‘le Gros’, Earl Richmond, Duke of Brittany about 1071
  , Conn ‘of the hundred battles’, 110th King of Ireland  
  , Conon I ‘le Tort’, Count of Rennes, Duke of Brittany  
  , Constance  
  , Constance of Batail  
  , Constantine  
  , Constantine I, King of Scots  
  , Cormac  
  , Cospatrick, 5th of Swinton  
  , Cres  
  , Crinan, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld, Lord of Atholl 978
  , Crinian 1  
  , Crinian 2  
  , David I, King of Scotland 1084
  , Derdere  
  , Devorgilla of Galloway 1210
  , Devorgulle  
  , Diarmid, 2nd captain of Clan Chattan  
  , Doda  
  , Domnall Ilgeatach 'the Deceitful, High King of Ireland  
  , Donal, 3rd of Barra, 23rd Chief  
  , Donald II, King of Scots  
  , Donnchadh (Duncan), 1st Earl of Carrick  
  , Duach Teangumha, King of Connacht  
  , Duaibhseach  
  , Dubtach  
  , Dugall of Lorn, Mull and Jura, 1st of Dunollie  
  , Duke of Moray  
  , Duke of Valentia  
  , Duncan I, King of Scotland 1001
  , Duncan, 2nd of Aberbothenoth before 1206
  , Duncan, 4th Earl of Mar  
  , Duncan, 5th Earl of Angus  
  , Duncan, 5th of Aberbothenoth  
  , Duncan, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld 910
  , Duncan, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld, Lord of the Isles about 945
  , Duncan, Thane of Callendar about 1170
  , Dungeal of Strathnith or Nithsdale  
  , Dunslebhe (Donnsleibhe)  
  , Eahlwið, Princess of Mercia  
  , Eaill, neice of King Alexander I  
  , Ecgfrida  
  , Ecgfrida  
  , Echach  
  , Echrad  
  , Eda  
  , Ede  
  , Edgar ‘the Peaceful’, King of England 944
  , Edith (Aeldgyth) about 1010
  , Edith (Eagwyth)  
  , Edmund I ‘the Magnificent’, King of England 921
  , Edmund II ‘Ironside’, Saxon King of England 989
  , Edmund, Prince of Cumbria  
  , Edred, Prince of England  
  , Edulf (Aedulf) “Ros”  
  , Edulf (Eadwulf), under-king of Bernicia, 1st lord of Bamburgh  
  , Edward ‘the Elder’, King of England 871
  , Egbert, Saxon King of England  
  , Eirc  
  , Eithne  
  , Eithne  
  , Eleanor 1161
  , Eleanor of Castile  
  , Eleanor of Provence  
  , Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine 1122
  , Elena  
  , Elfeda about 965
  , Elfrida  
  , Elfrida about 877
  , Elgiva (Aelfgufu) about 965
  , Elgiva (Elfleda)  
  , Elizabeth  
  , Elizabeth  
  , Emme  
  , Eochaid Muigh-Medon, High King of Ireland at Tara  
  , Eoghan, King of Aileach and Prince of Ulster  
  , Erc  
  , Erc (Eirc)  
  , Eremburge of Mans  
  , Eriend II, Earl of Orkney and Caithness  
  , Ermentrude about 825
  , Ernulf “Miles”, 4th of Swinton  
  , Ete  
  , Ethach (Eathaig)  
  , Ethach Munreamhar  
  , Ethelred II ‘the Unready’, King of England 968
  , Ethen / Ethne  
  , Ethen / Ethne  
  , Ethna  
  , Eudes I, Count of Orleans  
  , Euphame Wemyss  
  , Euphemia  
  , Eustace I of Boulogne, Count of Boulogne  
  , Eva  
  , Eva  
  , Ewan  
  , Fentoun of that Ilk  
  , Feradach  
  , Ferchar (Farquhar)  
  , Ferchar (Fearchar)  
  , Ferdinand III, The Saint of Castile about 1199
  , Fergal High King of Ireland  
  , Fergus  
  , Fergus  
  , Fergus of Galloway  
  , Fergus, Earl of Buchan  
  , Fergus, Lord of Galloway about 1090
  , Ferquhard, 2nd Earl of Strathearn  
  , Feskin  
  , Fiacha, Ard-Righ (High King) of Ireland at Tara  
  , Flaad (Flathead), Hereditary Steward of Dol about 1046
  , Florence, Count of Holland  
  , Fonia  
  , Fubdaire, King of Alba  
  , Fulbert
  , Fulk, Count of Anjou, King of Jerusalem 1092
  , Gabby  
  , Garcia, King of Navarre 1100
  , Garnait 7th Earl of Mar  
  , Gartnait (Gartnach), Mormaer (Earl) of Buchan  
  , Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou, Duke of Normandy 1113-08-23
  , George
  , Gherbod of St. Omer  
  , Gilbert of Angus about 1172
  , Gilbert of Galloway and Carrick  
  , Gilbert, 3rd Earl of Strathearn 1150
  , Gilbert, Earl of Caithness and Orkney  
  , Gilchrist (Dufagan), 1st Earl of Angus  
  , Gilchrist, 3rd Earl of Mar  
  , Gilchrist, 4th Earl of Angus 1154
  , Gillanrias  
  , Gillbride (Gilbert) 2nd Earl of Angus before 1115
  , Gillespick, 2nd Chief  
  , Gillicattan (Gillichattan) Mor, 1st captain of Clan Chattan  
  , Gillichattan Patrick, 5th captain of Clan Chattan  
  , Gillichattan, 3rd captain of Clan Chattan  
  , Gillocher  
  , Girard, Count of Vienne and Mâcon  
  , Gislebert, Count of Brienne  
  , Godfred I, King of the Isle of Man  
  , Godfred II ‘Crovan’, King of the Isle of Man and of Dublin  
  , Godith  
  , Gormflaith  
  , Gornflaeth (Grelod) of Ross  
  , Gospatric  
  , Gospatrick, Earl of Northumberland, 1st Earl of Dunbar about 1040
  , Graham of Craigie  
  , Grain  
  , Gundred  
  , Guthrie of Lunan  
  , Guy, Count of Ponthieu  
  , Haldan, 8th century Norwegian noble  
  , Hela  
  , Helen of Mar about 1293
  , Henri I, King of France 1008
  , Henri I, King of Navarre  
  , Henry I ‘Beauclerc’, King of England and Duke of Normandy 1068-09-00
  , Henry of Brechin  
  , Henry, Count of Champagne 1126
  , Herbert II, Count of Vermandois  
  , Hextilda  
  , Hild  
  , Hilda (Ealdyth)  
  , Hildegarde of Swabia  
  , Huctred of Dundas  
  , Hugh “the Great”, Count of Vermandois, Duke of Burgundy  
  , Hugh ‘le Blond’, 4th of Aberbothenoth  
  , Hugh (Eoghin), Abbot of Abernethy  
  , Hugh, 3rd of Aberbothenoth  
  , Ine  
  , Inreachtach, Chief of Durlas in Antrim  
  , Isabel  
  , Isabel  
  , Isabella  
  , Isabella  
  , Isabella 1170
  , Isabella (Matilda) of Mar  
  , Isabella of Angoulême 1189
  , Isabella of France 1295
  , Isobel  
  , Ivar, Earl of the Uplands  
  , James I, King of Aragon 1205
  , Janet about 1150
  , Janet  
  , Jaroslav, Grand Duke of Kiev about 1009
  , Joan  
  , Joan of Dammartin, Countess of Ponthieu about 1220
  , Joan, Queen of Navarre 1272
  , Johanna, Lady Strathnaver  
  , John  
  , John of Home  
  , John of Home  
  , John, Earl of Caithness and Orkney  
  , Jonet  
  , Jonet  
  , Jonet  
  , Jonet  
  , Judith 1054
  , Judith before 844
  , Judith von Altdorf 800
  , Juliana  
  , Juliana  
  , Katherine  
  , Katherine  
  , Katherine Stirling  
  , Katherine, heiress of Troup  
  , Kenneth 1  
  , Kenneth 2  
  , Kenneth II, King of Scots  
  , Kenneth, Mormaer of Buchan  
  , King of Franks  
  , Lambert of Lens, Count of Boulogne  
  , Loard Mor  
  , Loarn Mor, a King of Scots  
  , Lorn (Lorin)  
  , Louis IX, King of France 1214-04-25
  , Louis VI, King of France 1081
  , Louis VII, King of France 1120
  , Louis VIII, King of France 1187-09-03
  , Louis de Debonair, King of France  
  , Lucy  
  , MacDuff, Thane of Fife  
  , Maccus  
  , Madach, 1st Earl of Atholl  
  , Maebh  
  , Maelcobha, King of Tir Conaill  
  , Maeldovnaigh, Mormaer of Lennox about 1075
  , Maelduin, King of Aileach  
  , Maelfithrig, King of Aileach  
  , Magnus II, Earl of Orkney about 1180
  , Magnus III, Earl of Caithness and Orkney  
  , Magnus, Earl of Caithness and Orkney  
  , Malcolm  
  , Malcolm (Gillocallum)  
  , Malcolm I, King of Scots  
  , Malcolm II ‘the Terrible’, King of Scotland 954
  , Malcolm, 2nd Earl of Atholl about 1178
  , Malcolm, 6th Earl of Angus  
  , Malcolm, Lord of Cowall  
  , Maldred of Atterdale, King of Cumbria about 1010
  , Malise, 1st Earl of Strathearn  
  , Malise, 5th Earl of Strathearn  
  , Malise, 6th Earl of Strathearn about 1257
  , Malise, 7th Earl of Strathearn about 1280
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret about 1260
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret  
  , Margaret ‘the Saint’ of Wessex 1045
  , Margaret, Countess of Mar about 1330
  , Margaret, Countess of Orkney  
  , Margaret, Heiress of Holkettle  
  , Margaret, co-heiress of Caithness and Orkney  
  , Margaret, heiress of Frendraught  
  , Marguerite  
  , Maria  
  , Maria of Strathearn 1248
  , Marion  
  , Marion of Man  
  , Mariota  
  , Marjorie  
  , Marjorie  
  , Marjorie  
  , Marjorie  
  , Marjory  
  , Marjory  
  , Marjory  
  , Marjory, Countess of Buchan  
  , Marjory, Countess of Carrick 1256
  , Martin  
  , Matilda  
  , Matilda (Maud), of Caithness and Orkney  
  , Matilda of Saxony about 942
  , Matilda, ‘the Empress’ 1102-02-07
  , Maud  
  , Maud (Matilda), Countess of Angus about 1215
  , Maurice ‘the younger’, 3rd Earl of Menteith  
  , Melisande  
  , Melmar (Mailmuir)  
  , Moddan of Dair, Earl of Caithness  
  , Moindach, King of Ulster  
  , Morggán, Earl of Mar  
  , Muirceadach, King of Aileach and Chief of Cinel Eoghan  
  , Muirceartach, 4th of Barra, 24th Chief  
  , Muircheartach MacEarca, High King of Ireland  
  , Muirchertach un Cochall Craicenn (of the Leather Cloaks), King of the Tir Eoghain  
  , Muiredeach Tereach, King of Connought, later High King of Ireland  
  , Muirtach, 4th captain of Clan Chattan  
  , Murdac, Mormaer of Levenax (Lennox) about 1050
  , Muredach, Mormaer of Levenax (Lennox) about 1100
  , Muredaig  
  , Neil (Gamail), 2nd Earl of Carrick, Regent of Scotland  
  , Nes  
  , Niall “of the Castle”, 1st of Barra, 21st Chief of MacNeil  
  , Niall ‘Glundubh’ (Black-Knee), 168th Monarch of Ireland, King of the Tir Eoghain  
  , Niall (Niall of the nine hostages) Noigiallach, High King of Ireland at Tara  
  , Niall Frasach ‘of the Showers’, High King of Ireland  
  , Niall, 5th of Barra, 25th Chief  
  , Niallghusa before 853
  , Norman  
  , Norman (Norino)  
  , Octred of Strathor  
  , Ogiva of Luxemburg 960
  , Orabile  
  , Orgar, Earl of Dwon (Devon)  
  , Orm, Thane of Yorkshire  
  , Osburh (Osburga)  
  , Oslac of the Isle of Wight  
  , Osulf  
  , Osulf  
  , Osulf of Belvoir  
  , Oswulf, 3rd lord of Bamburgh, Earl of Northumbria  
  , Patrick, 5th Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian 1152
  , Paul  
  , Paul I (Sigurd), Earl of Orkney and Caithness  
  , Pedro II, King of Aragon about 1174
  , Pepin ‘the short’, King of the Franks  
  , Pepin II Quentin, Count of Vermandois, Senlis et Peronne & Valois  
  , Perronnelle  
  , Petronella, Queen of Aragon about 1162
  , Philip I, King of France 1053
  , Philip II Augustus, King of France 1165-08-22
  , Philip III, King of France 1245-08-01
  , Philip IV, King of France 1268
  , Pierre, Prince of France, Count of Courtenay 1126
  , Pons  
  , Prince Henry, Earl of Huntingdon  
  , Princess Carinna of Britain  
  , Princess Eleanor of Castille about 1240
  , Princess Indorb Fionn ‘the White’  
  , Princess Isabella  
  , Princess Marie 1145
  , Princess Matilda (Maud), of Scotland 1079
  , Princess of Leinster, Ireland  
  , Ragnhild  
  , Ragnvald III, Earl of Orkney and Caithness about 1100
  , Ralph I, Sn de Toeni about 955
  , Ralph II, Sn de Toeni before 970
  , Ranald, King of the Isle of Man  
  , Randulf  
  , Redburga  
  , Reginald (Ranald), King of the Isles, Lord of Argyll & Kintyre  
  , Reginar V, Count of Hainault  
  , Richard I “the Fearless”, Count of Rouen, 3rd Duke of Normandy 933-08-28
  , Richard II ‘the Good’, Count of Rouen, Duke of Normandy about 980
  , Richilde, heiress of Hainault about 1031
  , Rixa  
  , Robert I “le Frison”, Count of Flanders 1031
  , Robert I ‘the Devil’, Duke of Normandy 1000-06-22
  , Robert II ‘the Pious’, King of France 972-03-27
  , Robert II, King of Scotland 1316-03-02
  , Robert The Bruce, King of Scotland 1274-07-11
  , Robert of Caen, 1st Earl of Gloucester about 1090
  , Robert of Dover  
  , Robert, 4th Earl of Strathearn  
  , Robert, Count of Artois  
  , Roesia of Dover  
  , Roger, Mormaer (Earl) of Buchan  
  , Rognvald, Earl of More  
  , Roland, Lord of Galloway, Constable 1164
  , Rory (Ruaidri)  
  , Sancho III, King of Castile  
  , Sancho VI, King of Navarre  
  , Sige  
  , Sigehelm, Ealdorman of Kent  
  , Sigurd ‘the Stout’, Earl of Orkney  
  , Sir Donald (Malcolm), 6th Earl of Mar about 1243
  , Sir Duncan, 8th Earl of Lennox about 1345
  , Sir John of Craighall, 2nd Baronet, Lord of Session 1605
  , Siward  
  , Smerviemore  
  , Sneachtain  
  , Somerled, King of the Northern Isles and Argyll 1100
  , Stephen, Count of Blois, Count of Champagne 1046
  , Susanna (Rosele) of Ivrea 945
  , Sybilla of Northumbria  
  , Theobald I, King of Navarre 1201
  , Theobald, Count of Blois, Count of Champagne 1090
  , Theobald, Count of Champagne 1179-01-13
  , Thierry II, Duke of Lorraine  
  , Thorfinn II “the Black”, Earl of Orkney, Caithness and Sutherland 1009
  , Tommasio, Marquis of Saluzzo, Piedmont  
  , Uchtred  
  , Uchtred of Tynedale  
  , Uchtred, 5th lord of Bamburgh, Earl of Northumbria  
  , Uchtred, Lord of Galloway  
  , Ulf  
  , Undweyn  
  , Unuisticc, Princess of the Picts  
  , Waldef of Tynedale  
  , Waldeve, 4th Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian  
  , Waldonius, Earl of St Clair  
  , Waleran, Count of Meulan  
  , Waltheof, 4th lord of Bamburgh, Earl of Bernicia  
  , Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland, Huntingdon and Northampton  
  , Welf  
  , William  
  , William I “Longsword”, Count of Rouen, Duke of Normandy about 900
  , William I “the Lion”, King of Scotland 1143
  , William I ‘ the Conqueror’, Duke of Normandy, King of England 1027
  , William of Home  
  , William of Home  
  , William, 2nd of Cadder  
  , William, 5th Earl of Mar, Chamberlain to Alexander III 1222
  , William, Duke of Aquitaine  
  , Yolante of Hunary  
  , dau 2006
  , dau 2008
  , dau  
  , dau  
  , dau  
  , dau  
  , dau Princess of Scotland  
  , dau of Cawdor  
  , dau of Earl of Fife  
  , dau of Somerled of Argyll  
  , dau of lord of Lorn  
  , son, 4th Mormaer of Mar  
  Thane of Cawdor  
a Fleming a Fleming, Baldwin  
Abercromby Abercromby, Mary  
  Abercromby, Sir Thomas of that ilk  
Abernethy Abernethy, Christian  
  Abernethy, Sir William  
  Abernethy, dau  
Abernethy, Abernethy,, George 4th of Saltoun  
  Abernethy,, George 5th of Saltoun  
  Abernethy,, Laurence 8th of Saltoun, 1st Lord Saltoun about 1400
  Abernethy,, Sir William 3rd of Saltoun
  Abernethy,, William 1st of Saltoun  
  Abernethy,, William 2nd Lord Saltoun  
  Abernethy,, William 2nd of Saltoun  
  Abernethy,, William 6th of Saltoun before 1365
Ambrose Ambrose, Aurelius  
Anderson Anderson, George 1699-04-16
  Anderson, Helen about 1805
  Anderson, Jean  
  Anderson, John 1725-07-25
  Anderson, Margaret 1749-07-16
  Anderson, Robert  
ap Drwyndwn, ap Drwyndwn,, Iorwerth Prince of North Wales  
ap Iorwerth, ap Iorwerth,, Llewelyn Prince of North Wales 1173
Ap Llewelyn, Ap Llewelyn,, Dafydd Prince of Wales about 1208
Arbuthnot Arbuthnot, Isabel about 1509
Arbuthnot, Arbuthnot,, David 11th of Arbuthnot  
  Arbuthnot,, James 13th of Arbuthnot  
  Arbuthnot,, Robert, 12th of Arbuthnot about 1451
Armderg (red armour) Armderg (red armour), Arthur  
Arnasson, Arnasson,, Finn Jarl of Holland  
Arnot Arnot, Janet  
  Arnot, John of Arnot  
  Arnot, John of Arnot  
  Arnot, Sir John of that ilk  
Atheling Atheling, Edward 1016
Auchinleck Auchinleck, Elizabeth  
  Auchinleck, James of Glenbervie  
  Auchinleck, Sir Alexander  
  Auchinleck, Sir James of Auchinleck & of that ilk  
  Auchinleck, Sir John of Auchinleck & of that ilk  
  Auchinleck, Sir John of that ilk  
Avenel Avenel, Roger of Eskdale  
Avenel, Avenel,, dau heiress of Eskdale  
Aytoun Aytoun, John of that ilk  
  Aytoun, Margaret Agnes 1647
  Aytoun, Sir John of that ilk 1616
  Aytoun, Sir John of that ilk  
Baillie Baillie, John  
  Baillie, Margaret 1822
  Baillie, Margaret (Magdalene)  
  Baillie, Sir William of Hoprig and Lamington  
  Baillie, Sir William of Lamington  
  Baillie, Sir William of Lamington  
Baillie, Baillie,, William 2nd of Hoprig  
Balfour Balfour, Christian  
  Balfour, David of Carraldstone  
  Balfour, Janet  
Balliol Balliol, Alexander of Cavers, Lord Chamberlain  
Balweary Balweary, Lady Margaret 1288
  Balweary, Sir Richard  
Bane, Bane,, Donald III King of Scotland about 1033
Banks Banks, Ann about 1806
Barclay Barclay, Jean of Brechin 1330
Barlas Barlas, Sam  
Basset Basset, Isabel  
  Basset, Maud  
  Basset, Ralph  
  Basset, Richard of Wallingford  
  Basset, Thurstine of Colston  
  Basset, Thurston  
  Basset, Thurston (Banaster)  
  Basset, Thurston of Wallingford  
Batty Batty, Helen  
Bearsson, Bearsson,, Bjorn Jarl in England  
Beattie Beattie, dau 1621-11-00
Beattie, Beattie,, David Provost of Montrose  
Beauchamp Beauchamp, William of Elmley  
Beauchamp, Beauchamp,, William 1st or 9th Earl of Warwick  
Beaufort Beaufort, Joan 1406
Beaufort, Beaufort,, John 1st Earl of Somerset, Marquess of Somerset 1371
Bennett Bennett, Elizabeth of Wallingford 1577-12-24
  Bennett, John of Wallyford  
Berengar Berengar, Margaret of Provence 1221
Berengar, Berengar,, Raimond V Count of Provence 1198
  Berengar,, Ramon Count of Barcelona 1082-11-11
  Berengar,, Ramon Count of Barcelona  
  Berengar,, Ramon Count of Barcelona 1023
  Berengar,, Raymond Count of Barcelona 1113
Berkeley Berkeley, Mary  
Bethune Bethune, Elizabeth about 1504
  Bethune, Janet 1469
  Bethune, Lady Grizel of Creich Castle 1521
Bethune, Bethune,, Archibald 3rd of Balfour  
  Bethune,, John 1st of Balfour  
  Bethune,, John 2nd of Balfour  
  Bethune,, John 4th of Balfour  
  Bethune,, John 5th of Balfour  
  Bethune,, John 6th of Balfour 1465
  Bethune,, Sir David 1st of Creich about 1460
  Bethune,, Sir John 2nd of Creich  
Biggar Biggar, John  
Bigod Bigod, Roger of Framlingham, ‘Earl of East Anglia’ about 1060
Bigod, Bigod,, Hugh Earl of Norfolk about 1095
  Bigod,, Roger 2nd Earl of Norfolk  
Bisset Bisset of that ilk  
  Bisset, Catherine  
  Bisset, John  
  Bisset, Muriel (Byset) co-heiress  
  Bisset, Sir John of the Aird, of Lovat and Beaufort  
Bisset, Bisset,, Elizabeth co-heiress  
Bjornsson, Bjornsson,, Siward “Digera” Earl of Northumbria  
Black Black, Janet about 1801
Blair Blair, dau heiress of Teases  
Bonar Bonar, Christian  
  Bonar, William of Keltie and Rossie  
Bonar, Bonar,, William Constable of St Andrews  
Borel Borel, Aliss of Burgundy 1080
  Borel, Godehhida (Adelaide) about 995
Borel, Borel,, Eudes Duke of Burgundy  
  Borel,, Ramon Count of Barcelona 942
Borthwick Borthwick, Agnes  
  Borthwick, Isabella  
  Borthwick, Janet  
  Borthwick, Margaret  
  Borthwick, Sir William of Borthwick  
  Borthwick, Thomas  
Borthwick, Borthwick,, Sir William Ambassador to England  
  Borthwick,, William 1st Lord  
Boswell Boswell of Balmuto  
  Boswell, Isabella  
  Boswell, Mary (Marjory)  
  Boswell, dau  
Boswell, Boswell,, David 4th of Balgregie, 1st of Boswell  
  Boswell,, Sir John 2nd of Balgregie  
  Boswell,, Sir John 3rd of Balgregie  
Boyd Boyd, Elizabeth  
  Boyd, Margaret  
  Boyd, Margaret Grizel 1467
  Boyd, Margaret of Boyd  
  Boyd, Robert  
  Boyd, Robert  
  Boyd, Sir Thomas of Kilmarnock about 1385
  Boyd, Sir Thomas of Kilmarnock about 1360
  Boyd, Sir Thomas of Kilmarnock about 1310
Boyd, Boyd, Lord Boyd  
  Boyd,, Robert 1st Lord of Kilmarnock, Governor of Scotland about 1420
  Boyd,, Sir Robert 1st of Kilmarnock  
  Boyd,, Sir Thomas 4th of Kilmarnock about 1405
  Boyd,, Sir Thomas Earl of Arran 1446
Braidfute Braidfute, Hugh of Lamington about 1235
  Braidfute, Marion of Lamington 1274
Brodie Brodie, Alexander about 1680
  Brodie, Isabella 1778-04-18
  Brodie, James 1749-10-04
  Brodie, James 1706-12-25
Brown Brown, Hellen about 1720
  Brown, Marjorie  
  Brown, Phoebe Morven 2009-08-25
  Brown, Sandra  
  Brown, Stuart 1966-06-16
Bruce Bruce, David of Rait  
  Bruce, Elizabeth  
  Bruce, Elizabeth about 1286
  Bruce, Isabel before 1271
  Bruce, James of Fingask  
  Bruce, Marjorie 1296
  Bruce, Mary 1282
  Bruce, Matilda/Maud  
  Bruce, Peter  
  Bruce, Princess Matilda  
  Bruce, Rachel  
  Bruce, Robert of Rait, Fiar of Clackmannan  
  Bruce, William of Fingask and Rait  
Bruce, Bruce,, Christian Lady of Garioch  
  Bruce,, John 5th of Clackmannan  
  Bruce,, John Fiar of Fingask  
  Bruce,, Sir David 4th of Clackmannan  
  Bruce,, Sir David 6th of Clackmannan  
Brus Brus, Agnes about 1215
Brus, Brus,, Adam Lord of Skelton about 1143
  Brus,, Piers (Peter) Lord of Skelton and Danby about 1181
  Brus,, Piers Lord of Skelton about 1152
Buckingham Buckingham, Margaret about 1175
Caille, Caille,, Naill High King of Ireland  
Calder Calder, dau  
Caldwell Caldwell of Caldwell  
Caldwell, Caldwell,, dau heiress of Caldwell  
Cameron Cameron, Ann (Annie) 1848
  Cameron, Duncan about 1815
  Cameron, Duncan about 1844
  Cameron, Isabella about 1841
  Cameron, Janet about 1846
  Cameron, John  
  Cameron, Margaret about 1737
  Cameron, Margaret  
  Cameron, Mary about 1839
Campbell Campbell, Alicia  
  Campbell, Archibald (Gillespic) of Menstrie, Clackmannanshire  
  Campbell, Colin of Carrick about 1170
  Campbell, Colin of Lochawe, 2nd Lord Lorne, 1st Earl of Argyll 1415
  Campbell, Dougal 1287
  Campbell, Duncan  
  Campbell, Effrick (Elesick) about 1200
  Campbell, Gillespic (Archibald) of Lochow 1090
  Campbell, Helen (Ellen) of Lochow about 1355
  Campbell, Isobel (Margaret) about 1455
  Campbell, Janet 1470
  Campbell, John about 1334
  Campbell, Malcolm about 1287
  Campbell, Margaret (Mariota)  
  Campbell, Marion of Craignish about 1424
  Campbell, Sir Cailein ‘Mor’ (Great Colin) of Lochow 1230
  Campbell, Sir Duncan of Lochow 1158
  Campbell, Sir Gillespic (Archibald) of Menstrie 1199
  Campbell, Sir Neil of Lochow 1259
  Campbell, dau  
Campbell, Campbell,, Archibald 2nd Earl of Argyll 1449
  Campbell,, Archibald Master of Campbell 1382
  Campbell,, Cailen “Maol Math” (bald good) Chief of Clan MacDuine  
  Campbell,, Colin 3rd of Ardkinglass about 1431
  Campbell,, Colin Og 1st of Ardkinglas  
  Campbell,, Dugald 1st of Craignish  
  Campbell,, Dugald 2nd of Craignish  
  Campbell,, Dugald 3rd of Craignish  
  Campbell,, Dugald 4th of Craignish  
  Campbell,, Iain Gorm 9th of Craignish about 1406
  Campbell,, John “Riabhaich (the freckled)” 2nd of Ardkinglass about 1398
  Campbell,, Malcolm 5th of Craignish  
  Campbell,, Ronald 8th of Craignish about 1355
  Campbell,, Sir Archibald 12th of Lochow, 2nd Baron 1310
  Campbell,, Sir Colin “Ionganlach” 3rd Baron of Lochow 1336
  Campbell,, Sir Colin ‘Callen Oig’ 11th of Lochow, 1st Baron 1282
  Campbell,, Sir Duncan “Na-Adh” (Fortunate or Prosperous) of Lochow, 1st Lord Campbell of Argyll 1364
Canmore Canmore, Donald  
  Canmore, Marjory of Huntingdon  
Canmore, Canmore,, Aedh Earl of Ross  
  Canmore,, Malcolm III King of Scotland 1031
  Canmore,, Margaret of Huntington  
Carmichael Carmichael, Anne  
  Carmichael, Elizabeth  
  Carmichael, John  
  Carmichael, Margaret  
Carnegie Carnegie, Agnes  
  Carnegie, Catherine  
  Carnegie, David of Panbridge, of Colluthie, 7th of Kinnaird  
  Carnegie, Duthac de 1372
  Carnegie, John de of Kinnaird  
  Carnegie, John de of Kinnaird  
  Carnegie, Sir Robert of Kinnaird  
  Carnegie, Walter de of Kinnaird  
Cay Cay, Agnes 1772-12-07
  Cay, Alexander  
  Cay, Christian 1780-10-22
  Cay, Hendry 1782-09-29
  Cay, Henry 1736-10-24
  Cay, Isabell (Isobel) 1777-07-01
  Cay, Margaret 1774-10-23
Cheyne Cheyne, Isabel  
Chisholm Chisholm, Janet  
  Chisholm, Muriel  
Colquhoun Colquhoun, Maria  
Comyn Comyn, Agnes  
  Comyn, Dornagilla  
  Comyn, Elena  
  Comyn, Elizabeth  
  Comyn, Idonea  
  Comyn, Isabel  
  Comyn, Isabel  
  Comyn, Isobel  
  Comyn, Joan  
  Comyn, Julienne  
  Comyn, Margaret  
  Comyn, Richard  
  Comyn, Sir John ‘the Black’ the elder, Lord of Badenoch  
  Comyn, Walter  
  Comyn, dau  
Comyn, Comyn,, Alexander 2nd Earl of Buchan, Constable of Scotland  
  Comyn,, John 3rd Earl of Buchan, Constable of Scotland about 1259
  Comyn,, Sir John ‘the Red’ Lord of Badenoch & Tynedale, Justiciar of Galloway  
  Comyn,, Sir Walter Lord of Badenoch 4th Earl of Menteith 1228-12-00
Corbert Corbert, Aliz  
  Corbert, Walter of Makerstoun  
Craufurd [Crawford] Craufurd [Crawford], Margaret  
Crawford Crawford, Andrew  
  Crawford, Jean about 1220
  Crawford, Margaret about 1272
  Crawford, Maryanne 1802-12-20
  Crawford, Sir John of Crawfordjohn 1185
  Crawford, William  
  Crawford, dau  
Crawfurd [Crawford], Crawfurd [Crawford],, Margaret co-heiress of Crawfordjohn  
Creik Creik of Creik  
  Creik, Katharine 1570
Crerar Crerar, Donald Urquhart 1873-11-11
Crichton Crichton, Elizabeth  
  Crichton, James of Ruthven, Provost of Edinburgh  
  Crichton, Janet  
  Crichton, John of Crichton  
  Crichton, Margaret  
  Crichton, Patrick of Cranstoun Riddel  
  Crichton, Stephen of Cairns (Craigs), Sheriff of Linlithgow  
Crichton, Crichton,, William 1st Lord, Chancellor  
Crighton Crighton, Janet about 1811
Croc Croc, Marion  
Crookshank Crookshank, Margaret  
Cruachan, Cruachan,, Dugald Thane of Over Lochow  
Cruikshank Cruikshank, James  
  Cruikshank, Juliet 1809
Cunningham Cunningham, Elizabeth  
  Cunningham, Elizabeth  
  Cunningham, Sir George of Belton  
Cunninghame Cunninghame, Margaret  
d'Anjou, d'Anjou,, Charles II King of Naples  
  d‘Anjou,, Henry II ’Curtmantle' King of England, Duke of Aquitaine, Earl of Anjou 1133-03-05
d'Arches d'Arches, Jueta (Ivetta)  
  d'Arches, William  
d'Arles d'Arles, Constance 985
d'Arles, d'Arles,, Guillaume II Count of Arles and Provence  
d'Aubigny d'Aubigny, Matilda  
d'Aunou d'Aunou, Gunnora  
d'Avesnes d'Avesnes, Phillipa of Hainault 1311-06-24
d'Avesnes, d'Avesnes,, John Duke of Hainault 1247
  d'Avesnes,, William III Count of Holland and Hainault 1280
d'Eschauffen d'Eschauffen, Giroie  
  d'Eschauffen, Hawise  
d'Estouteville, d'Estouteville,, Robert Baron of Cottingham  
  d'Estouteville,, Robert Governor of Ambriences Castle  
  d'Estouteville,, Robert Lord of Cottenham  
d'Evreux d'Evreux, Agnes  
  d'Evreux, Sibilla  
  d'Evreux, Walter of Salisbury  
  d'Evreux, William 1067
d'Evreux, d'Evreux,, Patrick Earl of Salisbury  
  d'Evreux,, Walter Count of Rosmar  
Danielston Danielston, Elizabeth  
Danielston, Danielston,, Sir Robert 3rd of Danielston, Sheriff of Lennox about 1350
Dauntsey Dauntsey, Clemence  
Ddu, Ddu,, Gwladus Princess of Gwynedd  
de Aberbothenoth de Aberbothenoth, dau  
de Aberchirder de Aberchirder, Janet  
  de Aberchirder, Sir David of that ilk  
de Abercromby de Abercromby of that ilk  
  de Abercromby, Alexander of that ilk, Sheriff of Perth  
  de Abercromby, John of that ilk  
  de Abercromby, William  
de Abernethy de Abernethy, Hugh of that ilk  
  de Abernethy, Margaret  
  de Abernethy, Sir Alexander of that ilk, Governor of Dundee  
de Abernethy, de Abernethy,, Laurence Hereditary Abbot of Abernethy  
  de Abernethy,, Maria co-heiress about 1305
  de Abernethy,, Orm Lay Abbot of Abernethy about 1172
de Albini de Albini, Isabel  
  de Albini, Roger  
  de Albini, William ‘Pincerna’ after 1066
de Albini, de Albini,, William ‘Brito’ Lord of Belvoir  
  de Albini,, William 1st Earl of Arundel  
  de Albini,, William 2nd Earl of Arundel, Earl of Sussex  
  de Albini,, William 3rd Earl of Arundel  
de Angus de Angus, Beatrix (Bethoc) about 1184
de Arnot de Arnot, David  
  de Arnot, Matilda (Maud)  
  de Arnot, Michael  
  de Arnot, son  
de Balfour de Balfour, Henry of Balfour  
  de Balfour, Michael  
  de Balfour, Sir John of Balfour  
  de Balfour, Sir John of Balfour  
  de Balfour, Sir Michael  
  de Balfour, William  
de Balinhard, de Balinhard,, John 1st of Carnegie  
de Baliol de Baliol, Ada about 1222
  de Baliol, Alianora about 1246
  de Baliol, Eustace of Barnard Castle  
  de Baliol, Guy  
  de Baliol, Hugh of Barnard Castle  
  de Baliol, John of Barnard Castle about 1216
  de Baliol, Sir Alexander of Cavers about 1218
de Baliol, de Baliol,, Barnard 1st of Barnard Castle  
de Baltrode de Baltrode, dau  
de Baltrode, de Baltrode,, Walter Bishop of Caithness  
de Balwearie de Balwearie, Margaret 1235
de Balwearie, de Balwearie,, Sir Richard Baron of Balwearie about 1200
de Barclay de Barclay, Christian  
de Beauchamp de Beauchamp, Isabel  
  de Beauchamp, Walcherine  
de Beaumont de Beaumont, Adeliza  
  de Beaumont, Alice  
  de Beaumont, Alice  
  de Beaumont, Hawise  
  de Beaumont, Isabel  
  de Beaumont, Isabelle  
  de Beaumont, Margaret  
  de Beaumont, Roger  
de Beaumont, de Beaumont,, Henry Earl of Warwick 1046
  de Beaumont,, Ivo Count de Beaumont  
  de Beaumont,, Robert Earl of Leicester 1050
  de Beaumont,, Roger 2nd Earl of Warwick 1102
  de Beaumont,, Sir Robert 2nd Earl of Leicester, Viceroy of England 1104
  de Beaumont,, Sir Robert 3rd Earl of Leicester 1130
  de Beaumont,, Waleran 4th Earl of Warwick  
de Bellomont de Bellomont, Ermengarde  
de Bellomont, de Bellomont,, Rosceline Vicomte de Maine, Viscount de Bellomont about 1176
de Belmeis de Belmeis, Alice  
de Berkeley de Berkeley, Anne  
  de Berkeley, David of Carny and Kindersleith, later of Brechin  
  de Berkeley, Margaret  
  de Berkeley, Sir David of Carny 1270
  de Berkeley, Theobald  
de Berkeley, de Berkeley, 2nd of Gartley  
  de Berkeley, 3rd of Towie 1110
  de Berkeley,, Alexander 2nd of Towie 1081
  de Berkeley,, Hugh 6th of Towie 1225
  de Berkeley,, John 1st of Towie  
  de Berkeley,, Roger 5th of Towie 1185
  de Berkeley,, Sir Humphrey 4th of Gartley  
  de Berkeley,, Sir Walter 3rd of Gartley, Chamberlain 1136
  de Berkeley,, Walter 1st of Gartley  
  de Berkeley,, Walter 4th of Towie 1150
de Bethune de Bethune, Alexander  
  de Bethune, Robert  
de Bidun de Bidun, Amicia  
de Bolbec de Bolbec, Josceline  
  de Bolbec, Osberne  
de Bolebec de Bolebec, Hugh  
  de Bolebec, Isabel 1177
de Bonkyl de Bonkyl, Margaret about 1275
  de Bonkyl, Sir Alexander of that ilk  
de Bosco de Bosco, Andrew of Redcastle  
  de Bosco, Mary  
de Bosville, de Bosville,, Richard of Oxmuir  
  de Bosville,, Roger 1st of Balgregie  
de Boulogne de Boulogne, Faramus  
  de Boulogne, Sybil  
de Bourgogne de Bourgogne, Sybille 1065
de Boves de Boves, Dreux  
  de Boves, Hugh  
de Boyes de Boyes, Enguerrand  
de Braose de Braose, Isabella before 1231-02-00
  de Braose, Margery  
  de Braose, Matilda  
  de Braose, Reginald about 1185
de Braose, de Braose,, Sir William Lord of Totnes, Brecon and Radnor 1204
  de Braose,, William 4th Lord of Bramber about 1153
  de Braose,, William Lord of Bramber  
de Brechin de Brechin, Margaret heiress of Brechin  
  de Brechin, Sir William  
de Brechin, de Brechin,, David Lord of Brechin  
de Bretagne de Bretagne, Judith 982
de Bretagne, de Bretagne,, Herbert I Count of Vermandois, Senlis et Peronne  
  de Bretagne,, Sprota of Norse descent  
de Brienne, de Brienne,, Blanche Countess of Ponthieu  
de Briwere de Briwere, Grace about 1176
  de Briwere, Henry about 1115
  de Briwere, Isabel  
  de Briwere, Sir William of Horsley about 1157
  de Briwere, William  
de Broyes de Broyes, Isabel  
de Bruce, de Bruce,, Sir Robert 2nd Lord of Annandale about 1103
  de Bruce,, Sir Robert 4th Lord of Annandale  
  de Bruce,, Sir Robert 5th Lord of Annandale 1210
  de Bruce,, Sir Robert 6th Lord of Annandale, 3rd Earl of Carrick 1243
  de Bruce,, William 3rd Lord of Annandale about 1142
de Brus de Brus, Adam of Skelton, Lord of Cleveland  
  de Brus, Robert  
de Brus, de Brus,, Adam Lord of Skelton about 1121
  de Brus,, Robert 1st Lord of Annandale, Lord of Skelton  
  de Brus,, Robert Castellan of Bruges  
de Burgh de Burgh, Egidia (Giles)  
  de Burgh, Elizabeth 1281
  de Burgh, John  
  de Burgh, William  
de Burgh, de Burgh,, Richard “the Great” Lord of Connaught, Viceroy of Ireland about 1201
  de Burgh,, Richard “the Red” 2nd Earl of Ulster about 1259
  de Burgh,, Walter Lord of Connaught, 1st Earl of Ulster  
de Burgo de Burgo, Margaret  
de Cadella de Cadella, Helen  
de Callendar de Callendar, Alwin about 1278
  de Callendar, Christian  
  de Callendar, Patrick  
  de Callendar, Sir John  
de Callendar. de Callendar., Alwyn Thane of Callendar before 1217
  de Callendar., Malcolm 2nd Thane of Callendar about 1200
de Cambrun (Cameron) de Cambrun (Cameron), John of Ballegarno, 6th Chief  
  de Cambrun (Cameron), Sir John of Balegarno, 7th Chief  
  de Cambrun (Cameron), Sir Robert of Ballegarno, 5th Chief, Sheriff of Atholl  
de Cambrun (Cameron), de Cambrun (Cameron),, John 3rd Chief  
  de Cambrun (Cameron),, Robert 4th Chief  
de Candella de Candella, Alexander  
  de Candella, Gilbert of Calder  
  de Candella, Hugh in Nairn  
de Carnegie de Carnegie, Duthac in Aberdeen  
de Chaucombe de Chaucombe, Amabil  
  de Chaucombe, Robert  
de Chaworth de Chaworth, Maud 1282
  de Chaworth, Sir Patrick  
  de Chaworth, Sybilla  
de Chilham de Chilham, Isabel after 1245
  de Chilham, Richard of Dover  
de Chiny de Chiny, Ida of Namur and Chiny 1083
de Chisholme de Chisholme, Alexander of Chisholme and Paxtoun  
  de Chisholme, John  
  de Chisholme, John of the Aird  
  de Chisholme, Richard in Roxburghshire  
  de Chisholme, Sir John in Betwickshire  
  de Chisholme, Sir Robert of Chisholme, Constable of Urquart Castle  
  de Chisholme, Sir Robert of Chisholme, Sheriff of Inverness-shire  
de Clare de Clare, Alice 1092
  de Clare, Aveline  
  de Clare, Isabel 1226
  de Clare, Isabel about 1151
  de Clare, Johanna  
  de Clare, Richard  
de Clare, de Clare,, Gilbert ‘the Red’ 7th Earl of Hertford, 3rd Earl of Gloucester 1243-09-02
  de Clare,, Gilbert 1st Earl of Pembroke 1100-09-21
  de Clare,, Gilbert 5th Earl of Hertford, 1st Earl of Gloucester about 1180
  de Clare,, Gilbert Lord of Clare  
  de Clare,, Richard “Strongbow” 2nd Earl of Pembroke and Strigul  
  de Clare,, Richard 4th Earl of Hertford 1162
  de Clare,, Richard 6th Earl of Hertford, 2nd Earl of Gloucester 1222-08-04
  de Clare,, Roger ‘Earl of Clare’, 3rd Earl of Hertford 1116
de Clavering de Clavering, Euphemia  
  de Clavering, John FitzRobert of Clavering and Warkworth  
  de Clavering, Roger FitzJohn of Clavering, Warkworth and Horsford  
de Clifford de Clifford, Rosamund  
  de Clifford, Walter about 1110
de Comminges de Comminges, Ermesinde  
de Comyn de Comyn, John  
  de Comyn, William of Fonthill  
  de Comyn, dau  
de Comyn, de Comyn,, Richard Justiciar  
  de Comyn,, Robert Earl of Northumberland  
  de Comyn,, William 1st Earl of Buchan, Justiciar of Scotland  
de Conigburg de Conigburg, Alicia  
de Conigburg, de Conigburg,, William Lord of Stapilgorton  
de Coucy de Coucy, Adele  
  de Coucy, Aubri  
  de Coucy, Melisende  
de Coucy, de Coucy,, Thomas Sire de Coucy  
de Courtenay de Courtenay, Alice 1160
  de Courtenay, Elizabeth  
de Crawford de Crawford, Galfridus of Crawford 1118
  de Crawford, Hugh of Loudoun about 1223
  de Crawford, Hugh of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr about 1197
de Crawford, de Crawford,, Sir Reginald Sheriff of Ayr about 1165
de Crawfordjohn de Crawfordjohn, John about 1135
de Crawfurd de Crawfurd, Gregan about 1080
  de Crawfurd, Reginald  
de Crecy de Crecy, Melesinde  
de Crepon de Crepon, Gunnor of Denmark 936
  de Crepon, Herbastus  
  de Crepon, Sainfrie  
  de Crepon, Wevie  
de Crichton de Crichton, Nicholas  
  de Crichton, Sir John  
  de Crichton, Sir William  
  de Crichton, Thomas (or Alexander)  
  de Crichton, William  
de Cuningesburgh de Cuningesburgh, Lora  
  de Cuningesburgh, Sir William  
de Dalsallock de Dalsallock, Alicia about 1227
de Dammartin de Dammartin, Agnes  
de Dammartin, de Dammartin,, Alberic Count of Dammartin  
de Danielston de Danielston, Johanna of Danielston 1275
de Danielston, de Danielston,, Sir Hugh 1st of Danielston about 1266
  de Danielston,, Sir John 2nd of Danielston, Sheriff of Lennox 1307
de Douglas de Douglas, Sir William “Longlegs” about 1200
de Douglas, de Douglas,, William of Douglas about 1160
de Dreux de Dreux, Eleanor  
  de Dreux, Yolande 1212
de Dunbar de Dunbar, Agnes  
  de Dunbar, Agnes  
  de Dunbar, Alice (or Helen) 1120
  de Dunbar, Isabel  
  de Dunbar, Janet  
  de Dunbar, Marbella  
  de Dunbar, Sir Alexander  
  de Dunbar, Sir David of Cockburn  
  de Dunbar, Sir David of Cumnock  
  de Dunbar, dau about 1124
de Dunbar, de Dunbar,, George 10th Earl of Dunbar, 3rd Earl of March about 1336
  de Dunbar,, George 11th Earl of Dunbar, 4th Earl of March about 1370
  de Dunbar,, Gospatric 3rd Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian  
  de Dunbar,, Gospatrick 2nd Earl of Dunbar, Earl of Lothian about 1062
  de Dunbar,, James 4th Earl of Moray  
  de Dunbar,, John 1st Earl of Moray before 1391-02-15
  de Dunbar,, Margaret heiress of Cockburn about 1423
  de Dunbar,, Patrick 6th Earl of Dunbar  
  de Dunbar,, Patrick 7th Earl of Dunbar about 1213
de Dundas de Dundas, Helias  
  de Dundas, Helias  
  de Dundas, James  
  de Dundas, Radulphus  
  de Dundas, Saer  
  de Dundas, Serle  
  de Dundas, Sir George  
  de Dundas, Sir Hugh  
de Erskin de Erskin, Henry  
de Essex de Essex, Henry  
de Falaise de Falaise, Herleva (Herlette or Arlette)  
de Faslane de Faslane, Amelec (Aulay) the younger, 2nd of Faslane about 1230
de Faslane, de Faslane,, Aulay 4th of Faslane, Tosheagor of Lennox about 1280
  de Faslane,, Sir Duncan 3rd Baron about 1250
  de Faslane,, Walter 5th of Faslane, Lord of Lennox about 1320
de Fawnys, de Fawnys,, Christian heiress of that ilk  
  de Fawnys,, Richard of that ilk  
de Fenton de Fenton, Alicia  
de Fenton, de Fenton,, John Sheriff of Forfar  
de Fergant de Fergant, Hawise  
de Ferrers de Ferrers, Henry  
  de Ferrers, Isabel 1252-04-29
  de Ferrers, Walkelin  
  de Ferrers, William or Engenulf  
de Ferrers, de Ferrers,, Henry Lord of Ferrières and Chambrais  
  de Ferrers,, Walkelin Lord of Oakham  
de Fiennes de Fiennes, Eustace about 1112
  de Fiennes, Guillaume  
  de Fiennes, Ingelram  
  de Fiennes, Joan  
  de Fiennes, Sir Ingelram (Enguerrand) of Fiennes  
de Fiennes, de Fiennes,, Sir William 2nd Baron Fiennes  
de Flaitel de Flaitel, Gerard  
de Forbes de Forbes, Duncan of Forbes  
  de Forbes, John of Forbes  
  de Forbes, John of that ilk about 1306
  de Forbes, John of that ilk, Sheriff of Aberdeen  
de Galbrathe de Galbrathe, Johanna  
de Gand de Gand, Beatrice  
de Gand, de Gand,, Wenemar Burgrave of Ghent before 1085
de Garlende de Garlende, Agnes  
  de Garlende, Anselm  
de Gartley, de Gartley,, dau heiress of Gartley  
de Gevaudin de Gevaudin, Dulcia Countess of Provence  
de Glanville de Glanville, Berta  
  de Glanville, Gerard  
de Gometz de Gometz, Bertrada  
de Gourlay de Gourlay, Christian  
  de Gourlay, William of Wauchton  
de Gournay de Gournay, Gunnora  
  de Gournay, Hugh 1091
  de Gournay, Hugh  
de Gournay, de Gournay,, Gerard Lord of Yarmouth  
  de Gournay,, Hugh Sire de Gournay  
  de Gournay,, Hugh Sire de Gournay  
de Graham de Graham, David of Kinnabar  
  de Graham, Henry of Dalkeith before 1203
  de Graham, John (Alan)  
  de Graham, John of Dalkeith, Abercorn and Eskdale about 1278
  de Graham, Peter of Dalkeith and Abercorn  
  de Graham, Sir David of Dundaff  
  de Graham, Sir Henry of Dalkeith about 1248
  de Graham, Sir Henry of Dalkeith  
  de Graham, Sir Henry of Dalkeith  
  de Graham, Sir Nicholas of Dalkeith, Abercorn and Eskdale  
  de Graham, William  
  de Graham, William of Abercorn and Dalkeith about 1127
de Granines de Granines, Susanna  
de Grentmesnil de Grentmesnil, Petronella 1134
  de Grentmesnil, Robert  
  de Grentmesnil, William  
de Guisnes de Guisnes, Arnold about 1101
  de Guisnes, Beatrice  
  de Guisnes, Gisele  
  de Guisnes, Margaret  
  de Guisnes, Raoul about 995
de Guisnes, de Guisnes,, Baldwin Count of Guisnes about 1050
  de Guisnes,, Eustace Count of Guisnes about 1020
de Haliburton de Haliburton, Philip  
  de Haliburton, Sir Adam  
  de Haliburton, Sir Henry  
  de Haliburton, Sir John  
  de Haliburton, Walter  
  de Haliburton, William  
de Halyburton, de Halyburton,, Sir Walter Sheriff of Berwick  
de Hamilton de Hamilton, Gilbert  
de Harcourt de Harcourt, Alice  
  de Harcourt, Sir Robert  
de Hauteville, de Hauteville,, Robert Duke of Apulia  
de Hay de Hay, Nicolas  
  de Hay, Sir David of Erroll 1346-10-17
  de Hay, Sir Gilbert of Errol, Constable of Scotland  
de Haya de Haya of Locherworth before 1222
  de Haya, David of Erroll, Sheriff of Forfar  
  de Haya, Gilbert of Erroll, Sheriff of Perth about 1237
  de Haya, Margaret about 1275
  de Haya, Nicolas of Erroll, Sheriff of Perth  
  de Haya, Robert  
  de Haya, Sir Gilbert of Locherworth  
  de Haya, Sir John of Locherworth  
  de Haya, Sir Thomas of Locherworth  
  de Haya, Sir Thomas of Locherworth  
  de Haya, Sir William of Locherworth  
  de Haya, Sir William of Locherworth after 1263
  de Haya, William of Erroll after 1160
  de Haya, William of Erroll  
de Hepburn de Hepburn, Sir Patrick of Hailes about 1321
de Hepburne de Hepburne, Adam of Hailes  
  de Hepburne, Nicholas  
de Hesdin de Hesdin, Aveline  
de Hesdin, de Hesdin,, Arnulf Seigneur de Hesdin in Picardy  
de Holand de Holand, Sir Robert  
de Holand, de Holand,, Thomas Earl of Kent  
de Humet de Humet, Agnes  
de Humet, de Humet,, William Constable of Normandy  
de Huntingdon de Huntingdon, Isabel 1206
de Hyburne de Hyburne, Sir Robert, of Newton  
de Inays de Inays, William  
  de Inays, William  
de Ineys de Ineys, Sir Walter  
de Insula de Insula, Sir Gregor  
de Keirlioc de Keirlioc, Maud 1171
de Keith de Keith, Hervey  
  de Keith, Malcolm  
  de Keith, Robert  
  de Keith, Sir Edward of Sinton  
  de Keith, Sir John  
  de Keith, Waren  
de Keith, de Keith,, Hervey Kings Marischal  
  de Keith,, Hervey Marischal  
  de Keith,, Philip Marischal  
  de Keith,, Sir William Great Marischal of Scotland  
  de Keith,, William Lord Keith, 1st Earl Marischal  
de Kinloch de Kinloch, John of Cruvie  
de Kinnaird de Kinnaird of Kinnaird  
de la Fontaine de la Fontaine, Aleaume  
  de la Fontaine, Cecily about 1195
de la Marche de la Marche, Almodis  
de Laci de Laci, Egidia (Jill)  
  de Laci, Emmeline  
  de Laci, Walter 1st Baron Lacy  
de Laci, de Laci,, Gilbert 4th Baron Lacy  
  de Laci,, Hugh 5th Baron Lacy, Lord of Meath  
  de Laci,, Walter 2nd lord of Meath, Sheriff of Herefordshire  
de Lacy de Lacy, Maud about 1223
de Lacy, de Lacy,, John 1st Earl of Lincoln  
de Lancaster de Lancaster, Alice of Windermere  
  de Lancaster, Avice  
  de Lancaster, Hawise about 1169
  de Lancaster, Hawise about 1190
de Lancaster, de Lancaster,, Gilbert Lord Kendal  
  de Lancaster,, Sir William Lord of Kendal  
  de Lancaster,, William Lord Kendal  
  de Lancaster,, William Lord of Kendal  
de Landells de Landells, Mariota  
  de Landells, William  
de Lauder de Lauder, Joanni  
  de Lauder, Robert  
  de Lauder, Robertus  
  de Lauder, Sir Alan of the Bass, 1st of Haltoun (Hatton)  
  de Lauder, Sir Robert ‘the Good’ of the Bass, Ambassador to England  
  de Lauder, Sir Robert of the Bass  
  de Lauder, William of Lowther, Sheriff of Perth  
de Leche de Leche, Alice  
de Lennox de Lennox, Helena 1288
de Leslie, de Leslie,, Sir Andrew 6th Baron  
de Levenax de Levenax, Ada  
  de Levenax, Sir John “Mor” about 1255
  de Levenax, dau about 1162
de Levenax, de Levenax,, Alwyn “The Younger” 2nd Earl of Lennox about 1150
  de Levenax,, Alwyn Oge “The Elder” Last Mormaer, 1st Earl of Lennox about 1130
  de Levenax,, Amelec (Aulay Mor) 1st of Faslane, Roseneath & Glenfruin about 1199
  de Levenax,, Donald 6th Earl of Lennox about 1300
  de Levenax,, Eva Countess of Killsyth about 1200
  de Levenax,, Malcolm 4th Earl of Lennox about 1225
  de Levenax,, Malcolm 5th Earl of Lennox about 1278
  de Levenax,, Malcolm de Levenax, Master of Lennox about 1205
  de Levenax,, Maldouen 3rd Earl of Lennox about 1180
  de Levenax,, Margaret 7th Countess of Lennox about 1325
de Limesay de Limesay, Aleanora about 1124
de Limesay, de Limesay,, Gerard Lord of Limesay  
de Lindsay de Lindsay, Baldric  
  de Lindsay, Margaret  
  de Lindsay, Sir David of Crawford 1299
  de Lindsay, Sir David of Luffness, Lord of Brenevil about 1203
  de Lindsay, Sir David of Luffness, Regent, High Chamberlain about 1235
  de Lindsay, Sir William of Ercildum and Crawford, Baron of Luffness about 1148
  de Lindsay, Sir William of Luffness about 1182
  de Lindsay, Walter of Ercildun about 1122
  de Lindsay, William of Ercildun  
de Lindsay, de Lindsay,, Sir Walter Lord of Lamberton about 1172
  de Lindsay,, Sir William Lord of Lamberton about 1198
  de Lindsay,, Walter Lord of Lamberton and Molesworth about 1231
de Londonnia de Londonnia, Eschelyn (or Eschynne) of Molle  
de Londonniis, de Londonniis,, Thomas of Lundin  
de Loudoun de Loudoun, James of Loudoun about 1126
  de Loudoun, Lambirius about 1100
  de Loudoun, Margaret about 1169
de Louvaine de Louvaine, Adelais (Alice) 1103
  de Louvaine, Eleanor  
  de Louvaine, Matthew  
de Louvaine, de Louvaine,, Godfrey I ‘Barbatus’ Duke of Lothier, Count of Brabant and Louvaine about 1060
de Lundie de Lundie of Lundie  
de Lundin de Lundin, Thomas of Lundie, Durward of Scotland  
de Lundy de Lundy, William  
de Lusignan de Lusignan, Alice  
de Lusignan, de Lusignan,, Hugh Count of La Marche  
de Lutegareshale de Lutegareshale, Piers  
de Lyne de Lyne, Robert of Lochorworth  
de Lyne, de Lyne,, dau heiress of Locherworth  
de Macuswell de Macuswell, Hugo  
de Macuswell, de Macuswell,, Aymer Chamberlain, Justiciar 1232
  de Macuswell,, Herbert Sheriff of Teviotdale  
de Mandeville de Mandeville, Maud about 1138
de Mandeville, de Mandeville,, Geoffrey 1st Constable of the Tower of London  
  de Mandeville,, Geoffrey 1st Earl of Essex, Constable of the Tower of London  
  de Mandeville,, William Constable of the Tower of London  
de Mar de Mar, Margaret about 1278
de Mar, de Mar,, Donald 8th Earl of Mar, Regent of Scotland about 1302
de Maule de Maule, Peter about 1210
  de Maule, Sir Henry of Panmure and Benvie about 1275
  de Maule, Sir William of Panmure and Benvie about 1235
de Maurienne de Maurienne, Adelaide 1092
de Maurienne, de Maurienne,, Humbert (II), Count of Savoy  
de Maxwell de Maxwell, Sir Herbert of Carlaverock after 1300
  de Maxwell, Sir John of Carlaverock  
  de Maxwell, Sir John of Carlaverock  
  de Maxwell, Sir John of Pollok and Calderwood  
de Menteith, de Menteith,, Eva Countess of Menteith about 1170
  de Menteith,, Gilchrist 1st Earl of Menteith about 1140
de Meschines de Meschines, Alice  
  de Meschines, Joanna  
  de Meschines, Mabel  
  de Meschines, Maud  
  de Meschines, William  
de Meschines, de Meschines,, Hugh ‘Keveliok’ 3rd Earl of Chester  
  de Meschines,, Ranulph “de Briquessart” 1st Earl of Chester  
  de Meschines,, Ranulph ‘de Gernons’ 2nd Earl of Chester 1099
de Molle de Molle, Eschelyn  
  de Molle, Uchtred  
de Moniepennie, de Moniepennie,, John 2nd of Pitmilly  
  de Moniepennie,, Ricardus 1st of Pitmilly  
de Monmouth de Monmouth, Rose  
de Montfort de Montfort, Amaury  
  de Montfort, Amice  
  de Montfort, Bertrade  
  de Montfort, Isabel  
  de Montfort, Simon  
de Montfort, de Montfort,, Amaury Count of Evreux  
  de Montfort,, Simon Count of Evreux  
de Montgomerie de Montgomerie, Margaret  
  de Montgomerie, Margaret 1423
  de Montgomerie, Sir Alan of Eaglesham  
  de Montgomerie, Sir John of Eaglesham  
de Montgomerie, de Montgomerie,, Sir John of Eastwood, 4th of Eaglesham  
de Montgomery de Montgomery, Alan of Stair and Cassilis  
  de Montgomery, Egidia  
  de Montgomery, Roger  
  de Montgomery, Sir Neil of Cassillis  
  de Montgomery, Sybil  
de Montgomery (de Mundegumri) de Montgomery (de Mundegumri), Hugh  
de Montgomery, de Montgomery,, Robert 1st of Eaglesham  
  de Montgomery,, Robert 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury  
  de Montgomery,, Roger Earl of Shrewsbury, Earl of Ardunel  
  de Montgomery,, Sir Alan 2nd of Eaglesham  
de Montpellier de Montpellier, Marie  
de Moravia de Moravia, Freskin of Moray, Lord of Duffus before 1269
  de Moravia, Hugh of Duffus and Strabroch  
  de Moravia, Mary  
  de Moravia, Sir Andrew of Bothwell  
  de Moravia, Sir Walter of Bothwell  
  de Moravia, Sir Walter of Petyn  
  de Moravia, Sir William of Petyn  
  de Moravia, William  
de Moravia, de Moravia,, Kenneth 4th Earl of Sutherland  
  de Moravia,, Walter Lord of Duffus about 1220
  de Moravia,, William 1st Earl of Sutherland  
  de Moravia,, William 2nd Earl of Sutherland  
de Mordington de Mordington, Agnes  
  de Mordington, Peter  
de Mortimer de Mortimer, Hugh  
  de Mortimer, Joane  
  de Mortimer, Ralph  
  de Mortimer, Roger  
de Mortimer, de Mortimer,, Hugh Lord of Wigmore 1108
  de Mortimer,, Ralph 5th Baron Wigmore  
  de Mortimer,, Roger Lord of Wigmore 1158
de Morville de Morville  
  de Morville, Elena (Eva)  
  de Morville, dau  
de Morville, de Morville,, Richard Constable of Scotland  
de Mowbray de Mowbray, Amice  
de Muschamp de Muschamp, Marjory 1226
  de Muschamp, Sir Robert of Wooler  
de Ogiluill de Ogiluill, Alexander  
  de Ogiluill, Patrick  
de Paganell de Paganell, Agnes about 1076
  de Paganell, Fulk  
de Perche de Perche, Margaret  
de Perche, de Perche,, Geoffrey Count de Perche  
de Petenalin, de Petenalin,, Eva heiress of Petenalin (or Pitmulin)  
de Pincheni de Pincheni, Agnes  
de Pitres de Pitres, Maud of Gloucester  
de Quincy de Quincy, Elena  
  de Quincy, Elizabeth  
  de Quincy, Hawise  
  de Quincy, Hawise  
  de Quincy, Robert  
  de Quincy, Robert  
  de Quincy, Saier of Bushby  
de Quincy, de Quincy,, Roger 2nd Earl of Winchester, Constable of Scotland  
  de Quincy,, Saer Earl of Winchester 1155
de Ramsay de Ramsay, Emma  
  de Ramsay, Sir William  
de Redvers de Redvers, Hadewise  
de Redvers, de Redvers,, Richard Earl of Devon  
de Ridelisford de Ridelisford, Emmeline 1223
de Rie de Rie, Margaret  
de Rie, de Rie,, Eudo Dapifer (Steward) of Normandy  
de Romare de Romare, Rohese  
  de Romare, William of Lincoln  
de Ros de Ros, Alicia  
  de Ros, Robert of Hamlake, Sheriff of Cumberland  
  de Ros, Sir William of Hamlake or Helmsley  
de Ross de Ross, Juliane  
de Roucy de Roucy, Adele  
de Rumilly de Rumilly, Cecily  
  de Rumilly, Robert  
de Saluzzo de Saluzzo, Alasia  
de Sanford de Sanford, Alice  
  de Sanford, Gilbert  
de Saresbury de Saresbury, Edward  
de Saye de Saye, Isabel  
de Saye, de Saye,, Elias Lord of Clun  
de Segrave de Segrave, Eleanor  
  de Segrave, Gilbert  
  de Segrave, Gilbert  
de Segrave, de Segrave,, Nicholas Lord Segrave about 1238
  de Segrave,, Stephen Sheriff  
de Seton de Seton, Adam  
  de Seton, Barbara  
  de Seton, Bertrand  
  de Seton, Christell (or Alexander)  
  de Seton, Christiana  
  de Seton, Dougall  
  de Seton, Margaret  
  de Seton, Philip 1118
  de Seton, Seher  
  de Seton, Sir Adam (Seher or Serlo)  
  de Seton, Sir Alexander 1142
de Seton, de Seton,, Sir Alexander Lord Gordon 1372
de Sinton de Sinton, Alexander  
de Somerville de Somerville, Sir Thomas of Linton and Carnwath  
  de Somerville, Sir William of Linton and Carnwath  
de Soulis de Soulis, Juliana  
de Soulis, de Soulis,, Randulph Lord of Liddesdale  
de St Clair de St Clair, Agnes  
  de St Clair, Henry of Roslin  
  de St Clair, Robert  
  de St Clair, William  
  de St Clair, William of Roslin  
de St Clair, de St Clair,, Mauger Comte de St Clair, Archbishop of Rouen  
  de St Clair,, Walderne Comte de St Clair  
de St Hilaire de St Hilaire, James  
  de St Hilaire, Maud  
de St Liz de St Liz, Isabel  
  de St Liz, Maud  
de St Liz, de St Liz,, Ranulph from Normandy  
  de St Liz,, Simon Earl of Huntindon  
  de St Liz,, Simon Earl of Huntingdon and Northhampton  
de St Omer de St Omer, Mahaut  
de St Pol de St Pol, Rosela  
de St Valery de St Valery, Bernard  
  de St Valery, Maud about 1155
de Stirveling [Stirling] de Stirveling [Stirling], Lucas of Rathoran before 1393
  de Stirveling [Stirling], Sir William  
de Stirveling [Stirling], de Stirveling [Stirling],, Sir John 4th of Cadder, Sheriff of Stirling  
de Straton de Straton, Alexander  
de Stratton [Straiton] de Stratton [Straiton], John of that ilk  
de Strivelyn [Stirling] de Strivelyn [Stirling], Sir John of Carse and Alva  
de Stuteville de Stuteville, Hawise  
  de Stuteville, Joan  
  de Stuteville, Nicholas  
  de Stuteville, William  
de Stuteville, de Stuteville,, Nicholas Lord of Cottenham and Liddell  
  de Stuteville,, Robert Sheriff of Yorkshire  
de Swinton, de Swinton,, Hugh 1st of Aberbothenoth  
de Talbot de Talbot, Jeanne  
  de Talbot, Robert  
de Talvas de Talvas, Mabel  
  de Talvas, William  
de Thornton de Thornton, Agatha 1300
  de Thornton, Valentine about 1270
de Toeni de Toeni, Adelise about 1035
  de Toeni, Alice (Adeliza) about 1064
  de Toeni, Margaret about 1102
  de Toeni, Ralph of Conches & Flamstead about 1030
  de Toeni, Robert about 1009
  de Toeni, Roger ‘the Spaniard’ of Conches about 990
de Toeni, de Toeni,, Robert Lord of Belvoir about 1038
de Tott de Tott, Jacqueline  
de Valence, de Valence,, Aimar Count of Angoulême 1160
de Valoines de Valoines, Christian about 1210
  de Valoines, Matilda  
de Valoines, de Valoines,, Theobald Lord of Parnham  
de Valois de Valois, Hilderbrand  
  de Valois, Jeanne  
de Valoniis de Valoniis, Christian  
  de Valoniis, Sir James of Torrie  
de Vaux de Vaux, Beatrice about 1161
  de Vaux, John of Dirleton about 1210
  de Vaux, dau.  
de Vaux, de Vaux,, William Lord of Dirleton  
de Verdun, de Verdun,, Roger Governor of Ambriences Castle  
de Vere de Vere, Adeliza  
  de Vere, Alberic before 1040
  de Vere, Joan  
  de Vere, Juliana  
  de Vere, Rohese  
de Vere, de Vere,, Alberic Great Chamberlain 1062
  de Vere,, Aubrey 2nd Earl of Oxford about 1110
  de Vere,, Hugh 4th Earl of Oxford about 1210
  de Vere,, Robert 3rd Earl of Oxford about 1165
  de Vere,, Robert 5th Earl of Oxford about 1240
de Vermandois de Vermandois, Adelard  
  de Vermandois, Beatrice  
  de Vermandois, Isabel 1085
de Vermandois, de Vermandois,, Herbert Count of Vermandois  
de Vernon de Vernon, William  
de Vexin de Vexin, Hawise  
de Vitre de Vitre, Alianore  
  de Vitre, Tirrel de Mainers  
de Wallace de Wallace, Aymer  
de Warenne de Warenne, Ada  
  de Warenne, Edith  
  de Warenne, Gundred  
  de Warenne, Gundred  
  de Warenne, Isabelle 1137
  de Warenne, Suzanne  
de Warenne, de Warenne,, William 3rd Earl of Surrey 1118
de Warrenne de Warrenne, Rodulf about 998
de Warrenne, de Warrenne,, William 1st Earl of Surrey  
  de Warrenne,, William 2nd Earl of Surrey  
  de Warrenne,, William 5th Earl of Surrey 1166
de Wedderburn, de Wedderburn,, Alice heiress of Wedderburn  
de Wyntoun de Wyntoun, Alan  
del Ard del Ard, John  
  del Ard, dau  
Derg “dark red” Derg “dark red”, Duibhn  
Deun “brown haired” Deun “brown haired”, Dubh  
di Savoia di Savoia, Béatrix  
di Savoia, di Savoia,, Humbert Count of Savoie  
  di Savoia,, Thomas Count of Savoie  
Dickie Dickie, Ann 1846
Dishington Dishington, Elspeth  
  Dishington, Sir William of Ardross  
  Dishington, William  
Dixon Dixon, Henry Jacques 1891-01-00
  Dixon, Margaret Mary Patricia 1923
  Dixon, Norman F 1922
Donn (the Brown) Donn (the Brown), Donald  
Douglas Douglas, Agnes  
  Douglas, Christian  
  Douglas, Egidia  
  Douglas, Eleanor  
  Douglas, Elizabeth  
  Douglas, Elizabeth  
  Douglas, Elizabeth 1463
  Douglas, Elizabeth (Beatrice) about 1488
  Douglas, Helen  
  Douglas, Helen  
  Douglas, James of Hermiston and of Lothian  
  Douglas, James of Morton, 1st Earl of Morton 1426
  Douglas, Janet  
  Douglas, Janet of Dalkeith  
  Douglas, Joan  
  Douglas, Joan of Hermiston about 1262
  Douglas, Joanna  
  Douglas, Margaret  
  Douglas, Margaret  
  Douglas, Margaret (Beatrix) “Fair Maid Of Galloway” 1430
  Douglas, Margaret of Douglas  
  Douglas, Mary  
  Douglas, Sir Andrew of Hermiston about 1232
  Douglas, Sir Archibald of Glenbervie  
  Douglas, Sir Archibald of Hermiston and 2nd of Douglas about 1180
  Douglas, Sir Archibald of Liddesdale, Cavers, Regent of Scotland about 1297
  Douglas, Sir James “The Good” 1286
  Douglas, Sir James of Dalkeith about 1330
  Douglas, Sir John of Lothian  
  Douglas, Sir William  
  Douglas, Sir William of Glenbervie  
  Douglas, William of Hermiston before 1277
  Douglas, dau  
Douglas, Douglas,, Archibald “Bell the Cat” 5th Earl of Angus 1453
  Douglas,, Archibald “the Grim” 3rd Earl of Douglas 1328
  Douglas,, Archibald ‘Tyneman’ 4th Earl of Douglas, Duke of Tourraine about 1370
  Douglas,, Archibald 5th Earl of Douglas, Lord of Galloway 1390
  Douglas,, George 1st Earl of Angus 1378
  Douglas,, George 4th Earl of Angus  
  Douglas,, James 2nd Lord Dalkeith  
  Douglas,, John 2nd Earl of Morton about 1459
  Douglas,, Sir James 1st Lord Dalkeith  
  Douglas,, Sir William “Le Hardi” Lord of Douglas about 1256
  Douglas,, William 1st Earl of Douglas, Earl of Mar about 1321
  Douglas,, William 2nd Earl of Angus 1398
  Douglas,, William Lord of Nithsdale  
Doune Doune, Andrew of Killayne and Pitfour  
  Doune, Muriel  
Drummond Drummond, Alastair  
  Drummond, Annabella about 1350
  Drummond, James 1990
  Drummond, Margaret  
  Drummond, Olivia 1995
  Drummond, Sir John of Cargill and Stobhall, Justciar of Scotland  
  Drummond, Sir John of Stobhall, & of that ilk 1322
  Drummond, Sir Malcolm of that ilk, 10th Thane of Lennox  
  Drummond, Sir Malcolm of that ilk, 9th Thane of Lennox  
  Drummond, Sir Walter of Cargill and Stobhall, of that ilk  
Drummond, Drummond,, John 4th Thane of Lennox  
  Drummond,, Malcolm 2nd Thane of Lennox  
  Drummond,, Malcolm 7th Thane of Lennox  
  Drummond,, Malcolm Beg 6th Thane of Lennox about 1169
  Drummond,, Maurice 3rd Thane of Lennox  
  Drummond,, Maurice Founder of the House of Drummond
  Drummond,, Sir John 8th Thane of Lennox about 1301
  Drummond,, Sir Malcolm 5th Thane of Lennox  
Dubhlein, Dubhlein,, Eochach King of Ireland  
Duddingston Duddingston, Janet  
Dumnan Dumnan, Orila (Giille Adomnan)  
Dunbar Dunbar, Agnes  
  Dunbar, Alexander  
  Dunbar, Alexander of Conzie, Aldcash and Kilbuyack 1455-10-00
  Dunbar, Euphemia  
  Dunbar, Janet  
  Dunbar, Mariot  
  Dunbar, Marjory  
  Dunbar, Patrick of Cumnock and Mochrum  
  Dunbar, Sir Alexander of Westfield  
  Dunbar, Sir James of Westfield, Sheriff of Moray  
  Dunbar, Sir John of Cumnock and Mochrum  
  Dunbar, Sir Patrick  
  Dunbar, Sir Patrick of Cumnock  
Dunbar, Dunbar,, Thomas 2nd Earl of Moray  
Duncan Duncan, Isabella about 1817
Dundas Dundas, Christian  
  Dundas, Janet  
  Dundas, Janet about 1395
  Dundas, John of Dundas  
Dundas, Dundas,, Sir Archibald 13th of Dundas,Sheriff of Linlithgowshire  
  Dundas,, Sir James 11th of Dundas about 1370
Durham Durham, Elizabeth  
Durham, Durham,, John 3rd of Grange  
  Durham,, Michael 2nd of Grange  
Durie Durie, David 1440
  Durie, George of Balcurrogol, of that ilk  
  Durie, Janet  
  Durie, John of Durie  
Durie, Durie,, Robert minister of Anstruther 1495
Durward Durward of Lintrathen  
  Durward, Anna  
  Durward, Sir Alan of Lundin, Durward, Earl of Atholl  
Durward, Durward,, dau heiress of Lintrathen  
Edwards Edwards, Cecilia 1908-12-00
  Edwards, Joseph  
  Edwards, Joseph Rednal 1910-07-00
  Edwards, Winifred Isobel 1912-12-00
Eglinton Eglinton, Elizabeth  
Eglinton, Eglinton,, Sir Hugh of that ilk  
Egmond (Von Gelden) Egmond (Von Gelden), Marie of Gueldres 1433
Egmond, Egmond,, Arnold Duke of Geldern/Gueldres about 1400
Eile Eile, Ferither  
Ericsdottir Ericsdottir, Ingibiorg  
Erlendottir Erlendottir, Gunnhild (Ingiborg)  
Erskine Erskine, Christian  
  Erskine, Elizabeth  
  Erskine, Isabella  
  Erskine, Margaret  
  Erskine, Margaret (Mary)  
  Erskine, Mariota (Muriella)  
  Erskine, Sir Allan of Inchture and Inchmartin  
  Erskine, Sir John of Erskine  
  Erskine, Sir John of Erskine  
  Erskine, Sir Robert of Balbagarty, Chamberlain of Scotland  
  Erskine, Sir Robert of that ilk, 1st Lord Erskine 1438
  Erskine, Sir Thomas of that ilk  
  Erskine, Sir William of that ilk  
Erskine, Erskine,, Alexander 2nd of Dun  
  Erskine,, John 3rd of Dun  
  Erskine,, John 4th of Dun  
  Erskine,, Sir John 1st of Dun  
  Erskine,, Thomas 2nd Lord Erskine  
Etherington, Etherington,, David 8th Earl of Huntingdon 1152
Eumont (or Eumond) Eumont (or Eumond), Elizabeth  
fada of Dunolly fada of Dunolly, Ferchar  
Falconer Falconer, Agnes 1633
  Falconer, David of Halkerton 1400
  Falconer, Harvey George 1880
  Falconer, Isabella  
  Falconer, Sir Alexander of Halkerton 1470
  Falconer, Sir David of Glenfarquhar 1597
  Falconer, Sir George of Halkerton  
  Falconer, William  
Falconer, Falconer,, Alexander 6th of Halkerton  
  Falconer,, David 4th of Halkerton  
  Falconer,, Sir Alexander 1st Baronet of Glenfarqhar  
  Falconer,, Sir Alexander 5th of Halkerton  
  Falconer,, Sir Alexander 7th of Halkerton  
Fallow Fallow, Agnes  
Fentoun Fentoun, Janet  
  Fentoun, Katherine  
ferch Llywarch ferch Llywarch, Tangwysl  
Ferguson Ferguson, Alexander Fredric 1855
  Ferguson, Alexander Lundie Hunter 1894
  Ferguson, Ann Louise 1862
  Ferguson, Annie Agnes 1891
  Ferguson, Arthur H P 1897
  Ferguson, Eleanor 1793
  Ferguson, Eleanor Ann 1858
  Ferguson, Emma Julia 1851-01-23
  Ferguson, John 1819
  Ferguson, John 1791
  Ferguson, John Edward 1853
  Ferguson, John F 1892
  Ferguson, Margaret Eliza 1860-01-22
  Ferguson, Victoria Grace (Gracie) 1894
  Ferguson, Williamina Clara Adeline 1865
Fiddes Fiddes, Jean  
Findlay Findlay, Imogen Molly 1996-09-16
  Findlay, Tom  
Finn Finn, Feredach  
Finnlaith, Finnlaith,, Aedh High King of Ireland  
Finnsdottir Finnsdottir, Countess Ingibiorg of Orkney  
Finruo “fairish red” Finruo “fairish red”, Ferither  
Fionnolaidh, Fionnolaidh,, Fiachaidh 104th Ard-Righ (High King) of Ireland at Tara  
fitz Scott fitz Scott, Uchtred about 1090
Fitz Walter Fitz Walter, Theobald of Upper Ormond, Chief Butler of Ireland  
FitzAlan FitzAlan, Alice  
  FitzAlan, Aveline  
  FitzAlan, Beatrix (Elizabeth) about 1205
  FitzAlan, Marjory  
  FitzAlan, Robert ‘Boyd’  
  FitzAlan, Simon  
  FitzAlan, William of Oswestry, Sheriff of Shropshire  
FitzAlan, FitzAlan,, Edmund 8th Earl of Arundel 1285-05-01
  FitzAlan,, John 5th Earl of Arundel 1223-05-00
  FitzAlan,, John 6th Earl of Arundel 1246-09-14
  FitzAlan,, John Lord of Oswestry, Sheriff of Shropshire about 1164
  FitzAlan,, Richard 7th Earl of Arundel 1267-02-03
  FitzAlan,, Richard 9th Earl of Arundel 1306
  FitzAlan,, Walter 1st Hereditary High Steward of Scotland  
  FitzAlan,, Walter 3rd High Steward 1180
  FitzAlan,, William Lord of Oswestry, Sheriff of Shropshire  
FitzBaldrick FitzBaldrick, Eneburga  
  FitzBaldrick, Hugh  
FitzFlaad, FitzFlaad,, Alan Lord of Owestry, Sheriff of Shropshire about 1078
FitzGeoffrey FitzGeoffrey, Maud  
FitzGeoffrey FitzPiers, FitzGeoffrey FitzPiers,, Sir John Lord of Kirtling, Baron of Berkhamstead  
FitzGilbert FitzGilbert, John  
  FitzGilbert, Richard de Clare about 1090
Fitzhamon Fitzhamon, Mabel  
Fitzhamon, Fitzhamon,, Robert Lord of Creully  
FitzHenry FitzHenry, Elizabeth 1095
FitzHubert FitzHubert, Matilda  
FitzHugh FitzHugh, Robert  
  FitzHugh, Sarah about 1167
FitzJohn FitzJohn, Avelina  
FitzOsbern FitzOsbern, Emma or Adeliza  
FitzOsbern, FitzOsbern,, William 1st Earl of Hereford about 1030
FitzPatrick FitzPatrick, Ela d'Evreux 1187
  FitzPatrick, William d'Evreux, 2nd Earl of Salisbury  
FitzPiers FitzPiers, Robert  
FitzPiers, FitzPiers,, Geoffrey 1st/4th Earl of Essex  
FitzPons FitzPons, Richard 1088
FitzReindfride FitzReindfride, Roger  
FitzReindfride, FitzReindfride,, Gilbert Sheriff of Lancashire about 1162
FitzRobert FitzRobert, Amice 1160
  FitzRobert, Maud  
FitzRobert, FitzRobert,, William 2nd Earl of Gloucester 1121
FitzRoy FitzRoy, Richard about 1186
FitzWalter, FitzWalter,, Alan 2nd High Steward of Scotland  
Flaitel Flaitel, Agnes  
  Flaitel, Basilie  
  Flaitel, Gerard  
Fleming Fleming, Janet 1363
  Fleming, Marion about 1346
  Fleming, Mariota  
  Fleming, Mary about 1310
  Fleming, Sir David of Biggar and Cumbernauld about 1328
  Fleming, Sir Malcolm  
  Fleming, Sir Malcolm of Biggar about 1306
  Fleming, Sir Malcolm of Fulwood & Cumbernauld, 1st Earl of Wigtown about 1270
  Fleming, Sir Patrick of Biggar about 1286
  Fleming, Sir Robert of Lenzie, Cumbernauld and Biggar about 1262
  Fleming, Waldeve  
  Fleming, William  
Forbes Forbes, Ann 1854
  Forbes, Annabel  
  Forbes, Dorothy Christine 1898
  Forbes, George 1862
  Forbes, Harry 1791-03-07
  Forbes, Henry 1860
  Forbes, Isobel 1826
  Forbes, James 1820-07-20
  Forbes, James 1858
  Forbes, James 1783-12-14
  Forbes, Margaret 1827
  Forbes, Margaret 1680
  Forbes, Margaret  
  Forbes, Sir John of Drunimore, of that ilk  
  Forbes, William 1851
  Forbes, William 1829
  Forbes, William  
Forbes, Forbes,, Alexander 1st Lord about 1380
Forrester Forrester, Elizabeth  
Forteith Forteith, Rosebelle  
Fourbour Fourbour, Marito  
Fraser Fraser, Cecilia  
  Fraser, Eda  
  Fraser, Finvol 1136
  Fraser, Hugh (Alexander)  
  Fraser, James  
  Fraser, James of Frendraught  
  Fraser, John  
  Fraser, John  
  Fraser, John of Peebles about 1111
  Fraser, John of Touch Fraser about 1317
  Fraser, Matilda  
  Fraser, Simon of Keith  
  Fraser, Sir Alexander of Touchfraser and Cowie, Sheriff of Stirling about 1286
  Fraser, Sir James  
  Fraser, Sir Richard of Touch Fraser  
  Fraser, Sir Simon of Brotherton, Sheriff of Kincardine  
  Fraser, Sir Simon of Oliver Castle  
  Fraser, Sir Simon of Oliver Castle  
  Fraser, Sir Simon of Oliver Castle, Sheriff of Traquair & Peebles  
  Fraser, Udard  
Fraser, Fraser,, Joan co-heiress of Oliver Castle about 1285
  Fraser,, Margaret heiress of Touchfraser  
  Fraser,, Mary co-heiress of Oliver Castle  
  Fraser,, Sir Andrew younger of Touchfraser, Sheriff of Stirling  
  Fraser,, Sir Gilbert Sheriff of Traquair and Peebles before 1214
Frost Frost, Alex 1990-10-31
  Frost, Owen 1992-09-17
  Frost, Sophie 1994-06-07
Fuilt Darg (red haired) Fuilt Darg (red haired), Duibh  
Galbard, Galbard,, Gillescop 2nd Chief of Galbraith about 1180
  Galbard,, Gilmychel 3rd Chief of Galbraith  
Galbrad, Galbrad, 1st Chief of Galbraith  
Galbrathe, Galbrathe,, Sir William 4th Chief of Galbraith  
Gentle Gentle, Jane
Gibbon Gibbon, Mary  
Giffard Giffard, Adam of Fonthill  
  Giffard, Osborn de Bolbec  
  Giffard, Rohese 1034
  Giffard, Walter de Longueville  
Giffard, Giffard,, dau heiress of Fonthill  
Gifford Gifford of Yester  
  Gifford, Alice  
  Gifford, Elizabeth about 1399
  Gifford, Hugh of Yester  
  Gifford, Hugh of Yester 1281
  Gifford, Hugh of Yester  
  Gifford, James of Sheriff Hall  
  Gifford, Janet  
  Gifford, Joanna  
Glen Glen  
  Glen, Mariota  
  Glen, Sir John of Glen and Balmuto  
Goch Goch, Llywarch of Rhos  
Godredson, Godredson,, Olaf I ‘Bitling’ - ‘the Red’ King of Man and the Isles about 1080
Gordon Gordon, Charles of Carrick  
  Gordon, Elizabeth  
  Gordon, Elizabeth  
  Gordon, Janet 1652-03-28
  Gordon, Jessie 1837-07-09
  Gordon, John about 1793-08-06
  Gordon, Margaret  
  Gordon, Mary  
  Gordon, Patrick Peter 1768-03-28
  Gordon, Sir Adam of that ilk  
  Gordon, Sir Adam of that ilk  
  Gordon, Sir John of Gordon  
Gordon, Gordon,, George 2nd Earl of Huntly, Chancellor of Scotland  
Gourlay Gourlay, Alison  
Graeme Graeme, Helen  
  Graeme, Robert of Craigie  
Graham Graham, Euphemia  
  Graham, Euphemia  
  Graham, Isabella  
  Graham, Jean  
  Graham, John of Craigie  
  Graham, Margaret  
  Graham, Margaret  
  Graham, Mariota  
  Graham, Robert of Strathcarron, 1st of Fintry  
  Graham, Sir David  
  Graham, Sir David of Dundaff, Sheriff of Berwickshire  
  Graham, Sir David of Dundaff, Sheriff of Berwickshire  
  Graham, Sir David of Kincardine  
  Graham, Sir David of Kincardine and Old Montrose  
  Graham, Sir John of Abercorn, 9th Earl of Menteith  
  Graham, Sir John of Dundaff about 1245
  Graham, Sir Patrick of Dundaff and Kilpont, Earl of Strathearn  
  Graham, Sir Patrick of Kincardine  
  Graham, Sir Patrick of Kincardine and Dundaff about 1340
  Graham, Sir William of Kincardine and Old Montrose  
  Graham, Sybilla  
  Graham, dau  
Graham, Graham,, Alexander younger of Kincardine  
  Graham,, Euphemia Countess of Strathearn 1405
  Graham,, George 1st of Calendar  
  Graham,, John 3rd of Calendar  
  Graham,, Laurence 4th of Calendar & of South Kinkell  
  Graham,, Margaret Countess of Menteith before 1334
  Graham,, Patrick 1st Lord of Kincardine  
  Graham,, William 2nd Lord of Kincardine 1413
  Graham,, William 2nd of Calendar  
  Graham,, William 5th of Calendar  
Gray Gray, Elizabeth  
  Gray, Elizabeth about 1391
  Gray, Gilbert of Buttergask  
  Gray, Isabel  
  Gray, Janet  
  Gray, Sir Andrew of Foulis, 4th of Broxmouth about 1375
Gray, Gray,, Andrew 1st Lord Gray about 1390
  Gray,, Andrew 2nd Lord before 1445
  Gray,, Patrick 4th Lord about 1515
  Gray,, Patrick Master of Gray  
  Gray,, Sir Andrew 1st of Broxmouth  
  Gray,, Sir John 2nd of Broxmouth  
  Gray,, Sir Patrick 3rd of Broxmouth  
Green Green, Isabella 1845
Greig Greig, Ann about 1800
Grentmesnil, Grentmesnil,, Hugh Sheriff of Leicestershire, Steward of England  
  Grentmesnil,, Robert Monk  
Gunnarsson Gunnarsson, Thorod  
Guthrie Guthrie, Alexander  
  Guthrie, Alexander of Kincaldrum  
  Guthrie, Bethia 1559
  Guthrie, Elizabeth  
  Guthrie, Margaret  
Guthrie, Guthrie,, Sir David 2nd of Kincaldrum, 1st of Guthrie  
Gwmpa Gwmpa, Eystein  
Haakonsdottir Haakonsdottir, Ingiborg  
Haggard Haggard, Mary  
Halliday Halliday, Marjory about 1270
  Halliday, Thomas about 1255
  Halliday, Thomas about 1230
Halliday, Halliday,, Katherine heiress of Moffat  
Halyburton Halyburton, Christian  
  Halyburton, Jean  
  Halyburton, Margaret  
  Halyburton, Sir John of Dirleton  
  Halyburton, Sir Walter of Dirleton, 1st Lord Haliburton  
Halyburton, Halyburton,, Sir Walter younger of Haliburton, 1st Lord, High Treasurer  
Hamilton Hamilton, Catherine  
  Hamilton, James of Kincavel  
  Hamilton, Margaret 1558
  Hamilton, Mary  
  Hamilton, dau  
Hamilton, Hamilton,, Archibald 3rd of Innerwick after 1458-05-10
  Hamilton,, Hugh 5th of Innerwick  
  Hamilton,, James 6th of Innerwick  
  Hamilton,, John 1st of Innerwick & Ballencrieff  
  Hamilton,, Sir Alexander 2nd of Innerwick  
  Hamilton,, Sir Alexander 4th of Innerwick  
  Hamilton,, Sir Alexander 7th of Innerwick 1540
  Hamilton,, Sir Alexander 8th of Innerwick  
  Hamilton,, Sir David 3rd of Cadzow  
  Hamilton,, Sir David FitzWalter 2nd of Cadzow  
  Hamilton,, Sir James 5th of Cadzow about 1390
  Hamilton,, Sir John 4th of Cadzow  
  Hamilton,, Walter FitzGilbert 1st of Cadzow  
Hanslope Hanslope, Maud  
Haraldsdottir Haraldsdottir, Marjorie 1152
Harvey Harvey, Annie Jane  
Hay Hay, Alicia  
  Hay, Elizabeth  
  Hay, Helen  
  Hay, Isabel  
  Hay, Janet  
  Hay, Jean  
  Hay, John of Tullibody  
  Hay, John of Tullibody  
  Hay, Margaret  
  Hay, Margaret  
  Hay, Sir David of Locherworth and Yester, Sheriff of Pebbles  
  Hay, Sir William of Locherworth and Yester, Sheriff of Peebles  
  Hay, dau  
Hay, Hay,, John 1st Lord of Yester  
  Hay,, Peter 4th of Megginch  
  Hay,, Sir Thomas 7th of Erroll, Constable of Scotland  
Henderson Henderson, Agnes 1486
  Henderson, John 1960
  Henderson, John in Inverkeithing 1415
  Henderson, Margaret 1728-03-10
  Henderson, Mr  
  Henderson, Robert in Inverkeithing 1440
  Henderson, Thomas  
  Henderson, Thomas 1385
Henderson, Henderson,, James 1st of Fordell, Lord Advocate 1470
Hepburn Hepburn, Agnes  
  Hepburn, Agnes  
  Hepburn, Alexander  
  Hepburn, David of Waughton  
  Hepburn, Elizabeth  
  Hepburn, Elizabeth  
  Hepburn, Helen  
  Hepburn, Helen  
  Hepburn, Kentigerno (Mungo) of Waughton  
  Hepburn, Margaret before 1620
  Hepburn, Margaret  
  Hepburn, Sir Adam of Craigs before 1479
  Hepburn, Sir Adam of Hailes  
  Hepburn, Sir Patrick of Waughton  
  Hepburn, Sir Robert of Bearford 1580
  Hepburn, William of Bairfoord 1561
  Hepburn, William of Gilmerton 1512
Hepburn, Hepburn,, Adam Master of Hailes  
  Hepburn,, Patrick younger of Hailes  
  Hepburn,, Sir Patrick 1st Lord Hailes 1412
Herries Herries, Robert  
  Herries, Sir Herbert of Terregles  
  Herries, Sir John of Terregles  
  Herries, dau  
Herries/Heryz Herries/Heryz, Sir John of Terregles about 1330
Higgins Higgins, Annabel 2000
  Higgins, Emily 1997
  Higgins, Jeremy  
  Higgins, Lucy 1999
Hillier Hillier, Marcus 1976
  Hillier, Nicholas J  
  Hillier, Rupert 1974
Holand, Holand,, Margaret Duchess of Clarence  
  Holand,, Sir Thomas 2nd Earl of Kent  
Home Home, Alison 1497
  Home, Bartholomew of Simprym  
  Home, Ellen (Helen)  
  Home, Helen  
  Home, Janet  
  Home, John of Ersiltoun, Whitrigs and Craigling  
  Home, Katherine  
  Home, Margaret  
  Home, Margaret  
  Home, Mungo of Ersiltoun, Coldaneknollis, etc  
  Home, Sir Alexander of Home and Dunglas  
  Home, Sir Alexander of Home and Dunglass  
  Home, Sir David of Wedderburn about 1452-02-28
  Home, Sir John of Inellan  
  Home, Sir Thomas  
  Home, dau  
Home, Home,, Alexander 2nd Lord Home  
  Home,, Alexander 3rd Lord Home, Chamberlain of Scotland before 1485
  Home,, Alexander Master of Home  
  Home,, David of Wedderburn  
  Home,, George 2nd of Wedderburn 1499-05-18
  Home,, Sir Alexander 1st Lord Home  
  Home,, Sir David 3rd of Wedderburn  
Hook Hook, Edward  
  Hook, Sarah Goah 1811
Hop Pringle (or Hoppringle) Hop Pringle (or Hoppringle), Robert of Whitsun, 1st of Smailholm  
Hope Hope, Henry  
  Hope, John  
  Hope, John in Edinburgh  
  Hope, Margaret of Rankeillor about 1670
  Hope, Sir Archibald of Rankeillor, Lord of Session 1639-09-09
  Hope, Sir Thomas of Craighall, 1st Baronet, Lord Advocate 1579
Hoppar Hoppar, Isobel  
  Hoppar, Richard  
Hoppringle Hoppringle, Isobel  
Houstoun Houstoun, Marion about 1431
  Houstoun, Sir John of that ilk about 1398
  Houstoun, Sir Patrick of that ilk  
Hunter Hunter, Grace Alexa 1870
  Hunter, Isobel (Isabella) 1797-09-04
  Hunter, John  
Inchmartin Inchmartin, David  
  Inchmartin, Isabel  
  Inchmartin, Sir John of that ilk  
Inchmartin, Inchmartin,, Sir John Lord of that ilk  
Innes Innes, Isabel  
Innes, Innes,, Sir Alexander 9th of that ilk, Laird of Innes  
  Innes,, Sir Robert 8th of that ik  
  Innes,, William 7th of that ilk  
Isaac Isaac, Joan  
  Isaac, Sir Thomas  
Ivarsson Ivarsson, Haakon of Jarl  
James James, Mary Ann 1872-09-30
Jardyne Jardyne, Alexander  
  Jardyne, Mariota  
Jarolawna Jarolawna, Anne 1036
Johnston Johnston, Martha Neill Algie 1911-10-00
Jones Jones, Anne  
  Jones, Mary Ann 1786
Keith Keith, Agnes  
  Keith, Christian  
  Keith, Christian  
  Keith, Christian (Christina) about 1358
  Keith, Elizabeth  
  Keith, Isobel 1543
  Keith, Janet  
  Keith, Janet  
  Keith, Margaret  
  Keith, Muriella  
  Keith, Sir Alexander of Grandown  
  Keith, Sir Patrick of Inverugie  
  Keith, Sir Robert of Dunottar, Great Marischal  
  Keith, Sir William  
Keith, Keith,, Andrew 2nd of Inverugie about 1368
  Keith,, John 1st of Inverugie  
  Keith,, Jonetta (Janet) co-heiress of Galbraith  
  Keith,, Margaret heiress of Inverguie  
  Keith,, Robert Master of Marischal 1483
  Keith,, Sir Gilbert 3rd of Inverugie, 1st of Ludquharn  
  Keith,, Sir William 2nd Lord Marischal  
  Keith,, Sir William 4th of Inverugie  
  Keith,, Sir William Marshal of Scotland  
  Keith,, Sir William of Galston  
  Keith,, Sir William younger of Inverugie  
  Keith,, William 2nd Earl Marischal  
  Keith,, William 3rd Earl Marischal  
Kemp Kemp, Janet Durie 1536
  Kemp, Sir Henry Alexander  
Kennedy Kennedy, Elizabeth  
  Kennedy, Gilbert of Dunure, 1st Lord Kennedy  
  Kennedy, John of Dunure  
  Kennedy, Margaret  
  Kennedy, Margaret of Cassillis  
  Kennedy, Sir Gilbert of Dunure about 1368
  Kennedy, Sir John of Dunure, 2nd Lord Kennedy about 1436
Kennedy, Kennedy,, David 1st Earl of Cassilis 1463
  Kennedy,, James younger of Dunure before 1408-11-08
Kent Kent, Helen  
  Kent, Robert of Innerwick  
Ker Ker, James of Gateshead  
  Ker, Margaret  
  Ker, Nicola  
  Ker, Sir George of Samuelston  
Kilbane Kilbane, Christine about 1200
Kinloch, Kinloch,, Margaret Heiress of Cruivie 1437
Kinnaird Kinnaird, Agnes  
la Zouche la Zouche, Alan before 1141
  la Zouche, Geoffrey 1126
  la Zouche, Lorette  
  la Zouche, Maud 1290
  la Zouche, Roger about 1185
  la Zouche, Sir Alan about 1215
  la Zouche, Sir Roger of Ashby about 1240
la Zouche, la Zouche,, Alan Earl of Brittany about 1100
  la Zouche,, Alan Lord Zouche 1265
Laguillo Laguillo, George  
  Laguillo, Lucy 2013
  Laguillo, William 2011
Lalisson, Lalisson,, Kol (Kal) Lenderman in Agdar  
Lambert Lambert, Freddie Michael William 2003-04-27
  Lambert, Jessica Lily 2001-06-10
  Lambert, Jon 1967-11-06
  Lambert, Max Rory Robert 2006-11-24
Lamont Lamont, Christina  
  Lamont, Isabella 1313
  Lamont, Jennet  
  Lamont, Robert of Inneryne before 1381
Lamont, Lamont,, Duncan Royal Baillie of Kerry before 1353
  Lamont,, Malcolm MacLauman 2nd chief of Clan Lamont  
  Lamont,, Sir John “Mor” 3rd chief of Clan Lamont 1296
  Lamont,, Sir Laumanus 1st Chief of Clan Lamont about 1235
Lander Lander, Christian  
Lascelles Lascelles, Christian  
Lauder Lauder, Alexander of Hatton  
  Lauder, Anne  
  Lauder, George of Halton (Hatton) 1455
  Lauder, Helen  
  Lauder, Margaret  
  Lauder, Marion (Mariota)  
  Lauder, Sir George of Haltoun (Hatton), Lord Provost of Edinburgh  
  Lauder, Sir Robert of Quarrelwood, Constable of Urquhart Castle  
  Lauder, Sir Robert of the Bass about 1350
  Lauder, Sir Robert of the Bass before 1440
  Lauder, Sir Robert of the Bass about 1400
  Lauder, Sir William of Haltoun (Hatton)  
  Lauder, Sir William of Hatton 1486
  Lauder, William of Hatton  
Lauder, Lauder,, John younger of the Bass about 1390
Laurence Laurence, Ann (Anne) about 1700
Lawrie Lawrie, Annie 1823
  Lawrie, Euphemia
le Bigot le Bigot, Isabella  
  le Bigot, Maud  
le Bigot, le Bigot,, Hugh 3rd Earl of Norfolk  
le Botiller le Botiller, Maud  
le Cheyne le Cheyne, Beatrix  
  le Cheyne, Bernard of Inverugie  
  le Cheyne, Christiane  
  le Cheyne, Francis of Straloch  
  le Cheyne, Mariota heiress of Inverugie, Strabock  
  le Cheyne, Mary  
  le Cheyne, Sir Reginald of Inverugie  
  le Cheyne, Sir Reginald of Inverugie, Duffus & Straloch  
  le Cheyne, Sir Reginald of Inverugie, Duffus and Straloch  
  le Cheyne, William  
le Cheyne, le Cheyne,, John 4th of Straloch, 2nd of Essilmont and Arnage  
  le Cheyne,, Reginald 3rd of Straloch, 1st of Essilmont and Arnage  
le Despencer le Despencer, Rohese  
  le Despencer, Thomas  
le Grammaire le Grammaire, Joan about 1158
  le Grammaire, Richard  
le Gros le Gros, Constance  
le Vavasour le Vavasour, Maud  
  le Vavasour, William  
le Vavasour, le Vavasour,, Robert Sheriff of Nottingham and Derby  
Lea Lea, Amelia 1838-05-13
Leighton Leighton of Usan  
  Leighton, Margaret 1620
  Leighton, Patrick of Duninald, Provost of Montrose 1580
Leith, Leith,, Elizabeth heiress of Edengarich  
Leslie Leslie, Christian  
  Leslie, George of Rothes  
  Leslie, John of Rothes about 1319
  Leslie, Margaret  
  Leslie, Margaret (Mary) about 1362
  Leslie, Sir Norman of Rothes and Fythkill about 1380
Leslie, Leslie,, George 1st Earl of Rothes  
  Leslie,, Sir Walter 6th Earl of Ross  
Leuw Leuw, Arthur Waters  
Lindsay Lindsay  
  Lindsay, Adam of Dowhill about 1486
  Lindsay, Alexander of Auchtermonzie, 7th Earl of Crawford  
  Lindsay, Beatrice (Beatrix)  
  Lindsay, Christine 1356
  Lindsay, David of Cranbeth  
  Lindsay, Elizabeth 1434-01-21
  Lindsay, Elizabeth  
  Lindsay, Elizabeth  
  Lindsay, Elizabeth  
  Lindsay, Elizabeth (Isabel)  
  Lindsay, Euphemia  
  Lindsay, Isobel  
  Lindsay, Isobel  
  Lindsay, Janet 1515
  Lindsay, John of Crambeth  
  Lindsay, John of Crambeth (or Dowhill)  
  Lindsay, Margaret  
  Lindsay, Margaret  
  Lindsay, Margaret  
  Lindsay, Patrick of Kirkforthar, 4th Lord of the Byres  
  Lindsay, Sir Alexander of Crawford about 1267
  Lindsay, Sir Alexander of Glenesk 1329
  Lindsay, Sir James of Crawford 1327
  Lindsay, Sir James of Crawford, Ambassador to England  
  Lindsay, Sir John of Dowhill 1478
  Lindsay, Sir William of Abercorn and the Byres  
  Lindsay, Sir William of Rossie & Logie, later of Crambeth about 1360
  Lindsay, Sir William of the Byres 1339
Lindsay (Lyndsey) Lindsay (Lyndsey), Elizabeth  
Lindsay, Lindsay,, Alexander 2nd Earl of Crawford  
  Lindsay,, Alexander 4th Earl of Crawford  
  Lindsay,, David 3rd Earl of Crawford  
  Lindsay,, Sir David 9th Lord & 1st Earl of Crawford 1360
  Lindsay,, Sir John 1st Lord Lindsay of the Byres 1402
  Lindsay,, William 1st of Craigie about 1205
Livingstone Livingstone, Janet of Callendar about 1395
  Livingstone, Joan  
  Livingstone, John of Drumry and East Wemyss  
  Livingstone, Margaret  
  Livingstone, Margaret  
  Livingstone, Robert of Drumry  
  Livingstone, Sir Alexander of Callendar, Justiciary  
  Livingstone, Sir John of Callendar about 1356
  Livingstone, Sir Robert of Drumry  
  Livingstone, Sir William of Callendar, Sheriff of Haddington then Lanark  
  Livingstone, William of Gorgyn  
Livingstone, Livingstone,, Alexander 1st of Dunipace  
  Livingstone,, Alexander 2nd of Dunipace and of Phildes about 1490
  Livingstone,, Alexander of Phildes (Fildes)  
  Livingstone,, Sir Andrew Sheriff of Lanark  
Lochore Lochore, Sir David  
Lochore, Lochore,, dau heiress of Lochore  
Lorens Lorens, Eda  
  Lorens, Hugh  
Lovell Lovell, Janet  
  Lovell, Sir Richard of Ballumbie  
Lucy Lucy, Maud  
Lundie Lundie, Andrew of Benholm  
  Lundie, Annie 1830-04-25
  Lundie, Elizabeth about 1827
  Lundie, Euphemia  
  Lundie, Janet  
  Lundie, Janet  
  Lundie, Sir John of that ilk  
  Lundie, Sir John of that ilk  
  Lundie, Sir John of that ilk, Governor of Stirling Castle  
  Lundie, Sir Thomas of Pratis about 1459
  Lundie, Walter of Lundie  
  Lundie, William 1803-02-15
  Lundie, William of that ilk  
Lundy Lundy, Isobel  
  Lundy, Katherine 1502
Mac-in-toisich Mac-in-toisich, Sheagh (Shaw)  
MacAlpin MacAlpin, Maelmuire  
MacAlpin, MacAlpin,, Kenneth King of Scots 810
MacArkyl MacArkyl, Alwyn Mor about 1070
  MacArkyl, dau about 1110
MacBane MacBane, Bridget  
MacBane, MacBane,, Dugald Thane of Lochavich  
MacDonald MacDonald, Agnes of the Isles  
  MacDonald, Alexander  
  MacDonald, Alexander before 1779
  MacDonald, Angus Mhor ‘Engull’ of the Isles 1249
  MacDonald, Anna  
  MacDonald, Anne  
  MacDonald, David 1808-04-00
  MacDonald, David 1839-09-12
  MacDonald, Donald of Harlaw, 8th Lord of the Isles  
  MacDonald, Isabell 1836
  MacDonald, James 1810
  MacDonald, James 1845-03-25
  MacDonald, Jane Buchan 1843-06-00
  MacDonald, Jean 1842-06-03
  MacDonald, John 1814
  MacDonald, Margaret  
  MacDonald, Mariotta  
  MacDonald, Mary  
  MacDonald, Mary Hay 1848-07-14
  MacDonald, Moira  
  MacDonald, William 1779-01-23
  MacDonald, William 1806
  MacDonald, William 1830-10-27
MacDonald, MacDonald,, Allan 2nd of Clanranald and Moidart 1378
  MacDonald,, Angus Og Lord of the Isles 1272
  MacDonald,, Iain (John) ‘the Good’ 7th Lord of the Isles 1326
  MacDonald,, Ranald (Reginald) 1st of Clanranald and Glengarry 1352
Macdonell Macdonell, Duncan  
  Macdonell, Gormfhlaith  
MacDougall MacDougall, Isabel of Argyll 1362
  MacDougall, Janet of Lorn and Argyll  
  MacDougall, Mary ‘de Ergadia’ of Lorn and Argyll  
  MacDougall, dau about 1412
MacDougall, MacDougall,, Alexander 4th of Dunollie and of Lorn before 1265
  MacDougall,, Duncan 2nd of Dunollie and of Lorn  
  MacDougall,, Ewen 3rd of Dunollie and of Lorn  
  MacDougall,, Ewen 5th Lord of Lorn, 7th Chief of Clan Dougall  
  MacDougall,, John ‘ lame John’ 5th of Dunollie and of Lorn  
MacDuff MacDuff, Duncan of Fife  
  MacDuff, Isabel of Fife 1296
  MacDuff, dau  
MacDuff, MacDuff,, Colban 8th Earl of Fife about 1244
  MacDuff,, Constantine 2nd Earl of Fife  
  MacDuff,, Dufagan (Beth) 1st Earl of Fife before 1107
  MacDuff,, Duncan 4th Earl of Fife  
  MacDuff,, Duncan 5th Earl of Fife, Justiciar  
  MacDuff,, Duncan 9th Earl of Fife  
  MacDuff,, Gillemichael 3rd Earl of Fife  
  MacDuff,, Malcolm 7th Earl of Fife  
MacDuibhn (O'Duin) MacDuibhn (O'Duin), Diarmid  
MacDuibhn (O'Duin), MacDuibhn (O'Duin),, Paul “the Sporran” Lord of Lochow, Kings Treasurer  
MacEochaid, MacEochaid,, Alpin King of Scots (Dalriada)  
MacEth, MacEth,, Aodh (Iye) 1st of Strathnaver about 1210
MacFarlane MacFarlane, Agnes Thomson 1824-07-07
  MacFarlane, Alexander 1820-02-26
  MacFarlane, Andrew 1805-12-04
  MacFarlane, Duncan 1759-08-15
  MacFarlane, Helen 1782-11-23
  MacFarlane, Isabella (Isabel) 1809-06-24
  MacFarlane, James 1811-07-22
  MacFarlane, James 1813-07-07
  MacFarlane, James 1724-06-11
  MacFarlane, Jean 1815-07-26
  MacFarlane, John 1785
  MacFarlane, John 1807-06-15
  MacFarlane, John  
  MacFarlane, Margaret 1822-01-03
  MacFarlane, Robert 1817
MacFergus MacFergus, Maine  
MacFergus, MacFergus,, Godfrey (Gofraidh) Toiseach of the Isles  
MacFiachir MacFiachir, Diorbahil / Dorvail (Dorothy)  
MacGilleadamnan, MacGilleadamnan,, Gillebride Thane of Argyll  
MacGilmory MacGilmory, Findoig (Finval) about 1192
  MacGilmory, Nachtan about 1162
MacHeth, MacHeth,, Malcolm Earl of Ross  
Macintosh Macintosh, Moira  
  Macintosh, William  
  Macintosh, dau  
Macintosh, Macintosh,, Angus 6th of Mackintosh, 7th of Clan Chattan  
  Macintosh,, Ferquhard 5th of Mackintosh  
  Macintosh,, Shaw 2nd of Macintosh  
  Macintosh,, Shaw 4th of Mackintosh  
  Macintosh,, William 7th of Mackintosh, 8th of Clan Chattan  
Mackay Mackay, Ada Constance 1884-01-30
  Mackay, Alexander 1806-06-13
  Mackay, Alexander 1840-07-06
  Mackay, Alexander Lawrie 1875-03-29
  Mackay, Andrew Molison 1908-07-17
  Mackay, Andrew Thomson 1844-08-06
  Mackay, Annie Isabella 1872-09-14
  Mackay, Cecilia 1876-08-29
  Mackay, David MacDonald 1878-08-12
  Mackay, Donald 1784
  Mackay, Donald 1750
  Mackay, Donald  
  Mackay, Donald 1832-03-26
  Mackay, Donald Manson 1842-05-05
  Mackay, Edith Miller 1907-09-02
  Mackay, Euphemia 1847-04-11
  Mackay, Jane 1880-06-29
  Mackay, Jane 1838-03-25
  Mackay, Jean 1836-03-23
  Mackay, John about 1834
  Mackay, Mariota 1356
  Mackay, Patricia Margaret 1940-09-11
  Mackay, Rhona Jean 1943-02-17
  Mackay, daughter  
  Mackay, son  
Mackay, Mackay,, Aedh (Iye) 4th of Strathnaver, Chief of Mackay  
  Mackay,, Donald 3rd of Strathnaver, Chief of Mackay  
  Mackay,, Iye Mor 2nd of Strathnaver, Chief of Mackay  
MacLachlan MacLachlan, Klavice about 1320
MacLeod MacLeod, Margaret  
MacLeod, MacLeod,, Roderick 5th of Lewis about 1362
MacMeargaigh MacMeargaigh, Solaimh  
MacNeil MacNeil, dau  
MacNiallghusa MacNiallghusa, Suibhne  
MacRanald, MacRanald,, Donald Lord of the Isles 1190
MacRory MacRory, James of Bute and Arran  
  MacRory, Jean of Rothesay & Bute  
MacRory, MacRory,, Amie heiress of Garmorran  
Macruairi Macruairi, Allan of Garmorran before 1268
Macruairi, Macruairi,, Ruairi Lord of Garmorran  
MacSorley MacSorley, dau (NicGillies)  
MacSuibhne MacSuibhne, Meargaigh  
MacSween MacSween, dau  
MacTaggart (O'Bjolans) MacTaggart (O'Bjolans), Marjory  
Maddadson, Maddadson,, Harald Earl of Orkney and Caithness 1134
Maitland Maitland, Margaret  
Manson Manson, Miss  
Mar Mar, Alesta de  
Marescalle Marescalle, William of Essilmont and Arnage  
Marshall Marshall, Eva 1206
  Marshall, Isabel 1202
  Marshall, Janet  
  Marshall, Maud  
Marshall, Marshall,, William 1st Earl of Pembroke 1144-06-00
Martel, Martel,, Charles King of the Franks 688
Martin Martin, Alex Stuart  
  Martin, David Andrew Stuart 1910-06-00
  Martin, Gillian  
Mauduit Mauduit, Isabel  
  Mauduit, Robert of Hanslope  
  Mauduit, William  
  Mauduit, William  
Mauduit, Mauduit,, William Lord of Hanslope  
Maule Maule, Alexander  
  Maule, Margaret 1585
  Maule, Robert of Panmure 1493
  Maule, Sir Thomas 4th of Panmure about 1470
  Maule, Sir Thomas of Panmure  
  Maule, Sir Thomas of Panmure after 1411-07-24
  Maule, Thomas of Panmure about 1380
  Maule, Walter about 1305
  Maule, William of Glaster, Dean of Guild in Edinburgh  
  Maule, William of Panmure about 1340
Maxwell Maxwell, Agnes  
  Maxwell, Egidia  
  Maxwell, Katherine  
  Maxwell, Margaret  
  Maxwell, Margaret  
  Maxwell, Mariota  
  Maxwell, Sir Herbert of Carlaverock  
  Maxwell, Sir John of Carlaverock  
  Maxwell, Sir John of Pollok  
  Maxwell, Sir John of Pollok  
  Maxwell, Sir John of Pollok  
  Maxwell, Sir Robert of Carlaverock  
  Maxwell, Sir Robert of Pollok  
Maxwell, Maxwell,, Herbert 1st Lord of Carlaverock  
  Maxwell,, Sir Robert 4th of Calderwood about 1390
McDonald McDonald, Christian  
  McDonald, Jane (Jean)  
McGeachen McGeachen, Mary  
  McGeachen, Roland of Mearns  
McGill McGill, Annette Sneddon Robertson  
McIntosh McIntosh, Ann  
McLean McLean, Lorna  
  McLean, Mary about 1720
McLennan McLennan, Mary  
McMurrough, McMurrough,, Dermot King of Leinster  
Melville Melville, Alexander of Glenbervie  
  Melville, Catherine of Carnbee  
  Melville, Elizabeth  
  Melville, Elizabeth  
  Melville, son of Carnbee  
Melville, Melville,, John 1st of Raith  
  Melville,, Sir John 2nd of Raith  
Menteith Menteith, Christian  
  Menteith, Marjorie of Carse  
  Menteith, Murdoch  
  Menteith, Sir John Stewart of Rusky, Sheriff of Dunbarton  
  Menteith, Sir Walter of Rusky  
Menteith, Menteith,, Isabella Countess of Menteith  
  Menteith,, Joan (or Joanna) Lady of Cortachy  
  Menteith,, John 1st of Kerse, Sheriff of Clackmannanshire 1352
  Menteith,, Mary Countess of Menteith  
  Menteith,, Sir John Lord of Arran  
Mercer Mercer, Andrew of Meikleour and Aldie before 1439
  Mercer, Egidia  
  Mercer, Sir Laurence of Aldie  
Merer Merer, Frederick 1850
  Merer, Gladys Laura 1891-06-11
Michie Michie, Ada Marguerite 1882
  Michie, Alexander 1846
  Michie, Anne 1851
  Michie, Barbra 1701
  Michie, Catherine 1818
  Michie, Dora Ethel 1884-06-02
  Michie, Harriet (Henrietta) 1827
  Michie, Harry  
  Michie, Harry 1700
  Michie, James 1820-08-06
  Michie, John Forbes 1857
  Michie, Margaret 1782-05-19
  Michie, Robert 1761-09-06
  Michie, Robert 1737-09-18
  Michie, Robert 1702-12-01
  Michie, Robert about 1660
  Michie, William 1785-05-01
  Michie, William 1825
  Michie, William Adam S 1853-06-28
Middleton Middleton, Anne of Seton  
  Middleton, Brigadier General John of Seton 1678-09-27
  Middleton, George in St Andrews 1645-02-14
  Middleton, George of Seton 1714
  Middleton, John of Middleton, Netherseat and Kilhill  
  Middleton, John of Netherseat and Kilhill  
  Middleton, Rev Alexander about 1610
  Middleton, Robert of Caldhame about 1572
Miller Miller, Andrew  
  Miller, Lois (Lucy) Shepherd 1878-01-09
Milne Milne, John  
  Milne, Mary 1799
Moddandottir Moddandottir, Helga  
Moir Moir, Jannet  
Molison Molison, Ann Crichton 1880
  Molison, Helen Stuart about 1872
  Molison, James about 1772
  Molison, James C about 1839
  Molison, Jessie (Janet) Crichton about 1875
  Molison, Margaret Gordon 1876-11-16
  Molison, Thomas 1810-02-11
  Molison, Thomas Crichton about 1870
  Molison, Thomas Young 1840-10-24
Moncreiffe Moncreiffe, Lady Isabel 1456
  Moncreiffe, Sir John  
Monfode Monfode, John  
Montefichet, Montefichet,, Mary co-heiress of Montefichet  
Montgomerie Montgomerie, Joanna  
Montgomery Montgomery, Agnes  
  Montgomery, Alexander of Ardrossan, 1st Lord Montgomery  
  Montgomery, Elizabeth about 1440
  Montgomery, John of Thorntoun  
  Montgomery, Margaret  
  Montgomery, Mary  
  Montgomery, Sir Alexander of Eglesham  
  Montgomery, Sir John of Ardrossan, Eglinton and Eaglesham 1360
  Montgomery, Sir John of Eaglesham  
Montifex Montifex, Sir Henry  
  Montifex, Sir Richard  
  Montifex, Sir William of Auchterairder, Justiciar of Scotland  
  Montifex, Sir William of Monifex  
  Montifex, Sir William of Montifex  
Monypenny Monypenny, Elizabeth  
  Monypenny, Katherine  
Monypenny, Monypenny,, David 13th of Pitmilly & of Kinkell  
  Monypenny,, John 3rd of Pitmilly  
  Monypenny,, John 6th of Pitmilly  
  Monypenny,, John 7th of Pitmilly  
  Monypenny,, John 9th of Pitmilly  
  Monypenny,, Thomas 10th of Pitmilly  
  Monypenny,, Thomas 12th of Pitmilly  
  Monypenny,, Thomas 5th of Pitmilly  
  Monypenny,, Thomas 8th of Pitmilly  
  Monypenny,, son 4th of Pitmilly  
Mor, Mor,, Arkyll Northumbrian lord about 1010
  Mor,, Ecgfrith Thane in Northumbria about 990
Moray Moray, Joan of Bothwell & Drumsargard  
Moray, Moray,, Sir John 2nd of Drumsagard, 1st of Abercairny  
  Moray,, Sir Maurice 3rd of Drumsagard, 9th Earl of Strathearn  
  Moray,, Sir William 1st of Drumsagard  
More More, Duibh 620
Morel Morel, Sybil of Bearley  
Morham Morham, Euphame 1287
  Morham, Thomas  
Mortimer Mortimer, Isabel  
  Mortimer, Janet about 1375
  Mortimer, Sir Roger of Foulis about 1350
Mortimer, Mortimer,, Sir Roger 6th Baron Wigmore about 1231
Mowat Mowat, Janet  
  Mowat, Sir John  
  Mowat, Sir John of Stonehouse  
Mucei, Mucei,, Ethelred Ealderman of Gainas  
Munfichet Munfichet, Dervorgilla  
Murdac Murdac, Hawise  
Mure Mure, Alicia  
  Mure, Christian of Abercorn  
  Mure, David of Pokellie  
  Mure, Elizabeth of Rowallan about 1320
  Mure, Gilchrist of Cowdam  
  Mure, Marjory  
  Mure, Ronald of Pokellie  
  Mure, Sir Archibald of Rowallan  
  Mure, Sir Gilchrist of Rowallan and Pokellie 1200
  Mure, Sir Reginald of Abercorn, Chamberlain of Scotland  
  Mure, Sir William of Abercorn 1305
  Mure, Sir William of Rowallan  
Mure, Mure,, Janet heiress of Pokellie about 1300
  Mure,, John 1st of Caldwell  
  Mure,, John 2nd of Caldwell  
  Mure,, John 3rd of Caldwell  
  Mure,, Sir Adam 1st Baron of Rowallan 1280
Murray Murray, Alexander 1775-04-10
  Murray, Alexander about 1808
  Murray, Anne 1765
  Murray, Barbara  
  Murray, Christian  
  Murray, David of South Kinkell  
  Murray, Isabella
  Murray, Isabella  
  Murray, Jane (Jean) 1820-05-13
  Murray, John
  Murray, John  
  Murray, John 1771
  Murray, John  
  Murray, John  
  Murray, John of Blackbarony 1552
  Murray, Margaret 1608
  Murray, Margaret  
  Murray, Margaret  
  Murray, Peter 1811-10-31
  Murray, William 1766
  Murray, William  
  Murray, son  
Murray, Murray,, Patrick 1st of Philiphaugh  
  Murray,, Sir Andrew Lord of Bothwell 1518
  Murray,, Sir Archibald 1st Baronet of Blackbarony 1582
  Murray,, William Baron Bothwell  
na h'Airde na h'Airde, Gilleoin of the Aird  
NicAlpin NicAlpin, dau  
NicFubdaire, NicFubdaire,, Aileach Princess of Alba  
NicGillebride NicGillebride, Bethoc  
Niewwolk, Carroll, Kennedy Niewwolk, Carroll, Kennedy, Mary Tereasa 1971-04-05
Noble Noble, Agnes  
Nordg-Uach, Nordg-Uach,, grand-daughter of Neil King of Ireland  
Norman Norman, Doris  
O'Beolan O'Beolan, Euphemia  
O'Beolan, O'Beolan,, Euphemia Countess of Ross, Abbess of Elcho  
  O'Beolan,, Ferquhard MacTaggart 1st Earl of Ross  
  O'Beolan,, Hugh 4th Earl of Ross  
  O'Beolan,, William 2nd Earl of Ross  
  O'Beolan,, William 3rd Earl of Ross  
  O'Beolan,, William 5th Earl of Ross, Lord of Skye  
O'Brien O'Brien, Mor  
O'Brien, O'Brien,, Donnell More King of Munster  
O'Cathan O'Cathan, Agnes  
  O'Cathan, Guy of Ulster  
O'Connor O'Connor, Alexandra 1968-05-10
  O'Connor, Annabel 1970
  O'Connor, Bridget 1949-04-18
  O'Connor, Caroline 1973
  O'Connor, Catherine 1963-12-29
  O'Connor, Deborah Jane Scott 1966-06-19
  O'Connor, Denis Stuart Scott Lt Gen Sir 1907-07-02
  O'Connor, Edith Mary Kathleen Scott (Kiki) 1898-05-24
  O'Connor, Edward 1977
  O'Connor, Irene  
  O'Connor, Kathleen  
  O'Connor, Malcolm Rory Scott 1938-11-30
  O'Connor, Malcolm Stuart Scott 1870-07-04
  O'Connor, Mark 1774
  O'Connor, Mark Miall 1799
  O'Connor, Michael Patrick Scott 1934-11-19
  O'Connor, Neill 1943-09-18
  O'Connor, Nicola 1965-05-19
  O'Connor, Nora  
  O'Connor, Oscar 2015
  O'Connor, Patrick John Scott 1902-12-08
  O'Connor, Percival Scott  
  O'Connor, Polly Patricia Scott 1971-04-10
  O'Connor, Rachel Marjorie Scott 1968-08-10
  O'Connor, Thomas Ablett 1841-10-28
  O'Connor, Thomas Arthur Leslie Scott 1878
  O'Connor, Vincent Clarence Scott 1869
O'Duibhne O'Duibhne, Aoife  
O'Neill O'Neill, Flaithertach an Trostain (of the pilgrims staff)  
  O'Neill, Muircheartach Midheac  
O'Neill, O'Neill,, Domnall High King of Ireland  
Ochterlony Ochterlony, Eliza  
of Apulia of Apulia, Mabel  
  of Apulia, Matilda  
of Aragon of Aragon, Princess Isabella 1247
of Atholl of Atholl, Christina (Margaret)  
  of Atholl, Malcolm  
of Bamburgh, of Bamburgh,, Liulf 1st of Swinton  
  of Bamburgh,, Udard 2nd of Swinton  
of Barcelona of Barcelona, Berengaria  
of Betuwe of Betuwe, Adela  
of Brabant of Brabant, Mary  
of Brabant, of Brabant,, Henri Duke of Brabant  
of Brittany of Brittany, Allan, Earl of Brittany  
  of Brittany, Emma  
of Burgundy of Burgundy, Adelaide  
of Burgundy, of Burgundy,, Hugues Duke of Burgundy 1212-03-09
of Castile of Castile, Blanche 1188-03-00
  of Castile, Sancha 1154
of Conde of Conde, Isabel  
of Conde, of Conde,, Jacques Seigneur of Condé, Bailleul and Moriammez  
of Cupar of Cupar, Carun  
of Dunbar of Dunbar, Gunnild  
of Envermeu, of Envermeu,, Papia nr Dieppe  
of Essex of Essex, Agnes 1151
of Flanders of Flanders, Gertrude about 1080
  of Flanders, Mathilda (Maude) 1032
of France of France, Margaret about 1279
of Franks of Franks, dau  
of Galloway of Galloway, Devorgilla  
  of Galloway, Elena 1208
  of Galloway, Eva 1143
of Galloway, of Galloway,, Alan Lord of Galloway, Constable of Scotland  
of Gloucester of Gloucester, Walter  
of Gordon of Gordon, Adam  
  of Gordon, Richard  
  of Gordon, Sir Thomas  
  of Gordon, Sir Thomas  
of Gordon, of Gordon,, Sir Adam Justiciar of Lothian, Ambassador  
of Halyburton of Halyburton, David  
  of Halyburton, Truite  
of Hereford of Hereford, Bertha  
of Holland of Holland, Adele (Christina)  
of Hungary of Hungary, Agatha  
  of Hungary, Emperor Henry  
of Huntingdon of Huntingdon, Maud 1072
  of Huntingdon, dau before 1115
of Huntly of Huntly, Sir Adam  
of Islay of Islay, Harald ‘the Black’  
of Kent of Kent, Edgiva  
of Leinster of Leinster, Eve  
of Lennox of Lennox, Elizabeth Comtesse d'Evreux about 1385
of Leslie, of Leslie,, Sir Norman Sheriff of Aberdeenshire  
of Leuchars of Leuchars, Nes  
  of Leuchars, Orable  
  of Leuchars, William  
of Lorraine, of Lorraine,, Marguerite heiress of Flanders about 1148
  of Lorraine,, Thierry I Count of Flanders 1099
of Louvain, of Louvain,, Henri Count of Louvain  
of Louvaine of Louvaine, Ida before 1077
of Lundin, of Lundin,, Malcolm the Doorward  
of Luxemburg of Luxemburg, Philippa  
of Mar of Mar, Marjory 1280
of Meulan of Meulan, Adeline  
of Moray of Moray, dau  
of Mureff (or Murray) of Mureff (or Murray), Margaret  
of Namur of Namur, Alice  
of Navarre of Navarre, Blanche  
of North Wales of North Wales, Helen about 1246
of Northumbria of Northumbria, Leofwine,  
of Raby of Raby, Dorothy  
of Ross of Ross, Euphemia  
of Sabran of Sabran, Gersinde  
  of Sabran, Raymond  
of Saxony of Saxony, Gertrud  
of Strathearn of Strathearn, Annabella  
  of Strathearn, Helen  
  of Strathearn, Isabel (Isabella) about 1303
of Tees, of Tees,, Aelfsige Earl of Northumbria  
of the Isles of the Isles, Elena  
of the Merse, of Tranent, Ednam, etc of the Merse, of Tranent, Ednam, etc, Thorlongus ‘the tall’  
of Valentia of Valentia, dau  
of Valois of Valois, Papia 848
Og (Oig) Og (Oig), Donald (Domnail)  
Ogilvie Ogilvie, Margaret  
  Ogilvie, Patrick of Wester Powrie  
  Ogilvie, Sir Patrick of Wester Powrie  
  Ogilvie, Sir Walter of Auchterhouse, Sheriff of Angus  
  Ogilvie, Walter of Wester Powrie and Auchterhouse after 1365
Ogilvy [Ogilvie] Ogilvy [Ogilvie], Elizabeth  
  Ogilvy [Ogilvie], James (John) 4th Lord Airlie about 1490
  Ogilvy [Ogilvie], James 1st Lord of Airlie  
  Ogilvy [Ogilvie], Margaret  
  Ogilvy [Ogilvie], Marion about 1517
  Ogilvy [Ogilvie], Marjory  
  Ogilvy [Ogilvie], Sir Alexander of Auchterhouse, Sheriff of Angus  
  Ogilvy [Ogilvie], Sir John of Fingask, 2nd Lord of Airlie  
  Ogilvy [Ogilvie], Sir John of Lintrathen  
  Ogilvy [Ogilvie], Sir Patrick of Auchterhouse  
  Ogilvy [Ogilvie], Sir Walter of Lintrathen, High Treasurer  
Ogilvy [Ogilvie], Ogilvy [Ogilvie],, James 3rd Lord of Airlie  
Ogston Ogston, Elizabeth  
  Ogston, Walter of that ilk  
  Ogston, dau heiress of Ludquhairn or Ludquharn  
Oig MacDuibhn (O'Duin) Oig MacDuibhn (O'Duin), Arthur  
Olafsdottir Olafsdottir, Ragnhilda about 1117
Olifard Olifard, David in Roxburghshire and East Lothian  
  Olifard, David of Bothwell  
  Olifard, Sir Philip  
  Olifard, Sir William  
  Olifard, Walter of Bothwell and Abernethy, Justiciar of Lothian  
  Olifard, William  
  Olifard, William  
  Olifard, William  
  Olifard, William of Lilford, Northamptonshire  
  Olifard, dau  
Olifard, Olifard,, Walter Justiciar of Lothian  
Oliphant Oliphant, Elizabeth  
  Oliphant, Isabel  
  Oliphant, Margaret  
  Oliphant, Sir John of Aberdalgie  
  Oliphant, Sir John of Aberdalgie  
  Oliphant, Sir William of Aberdalgie  
  Oliphant, Thomas of Dron  
  Oliphant, Walter of Aberdalgie, Sheriff of Stirling  
Oliphant, Oliphant,, Sir John 2nd of Dron  
Oliphard Oliphard, dau  
Oliphard, Oliphard,, Osbert Sheriff of the Mearns, Crusader  
Osule Osule, Adele about 1014
Otterburn Otterburn, Margaret  
  Otterburn, Sir Adam of Redhall, Provost of Edinburgh 1491
  Otterburn, Thomas  
Our 'Dun Our 'Dun, Ferither  
Paulson, Paulson,, Hakon Earl of Orkney  
Pearce Pearce, Gerald Wyndham 1915-01-18
Pendragon Pendragon, Arthur  
  Pendragon, Uther  
Pepdie, Pepdie,, Nichola heiress of Dunglas  
Perry Perry, Matilda  
Peverel Peverel, Adelize  
Peyton Peyton, Clarentine Eleanor  
Phaol, Phaol,, Dougal 6th captain of Clan Chattan  
Pitcairn Pitcairn, Henry of that ilk and Forthar, 10th of Pitcairn  
  Pitcairn, Isabella  
Pitcairn, Pitcairn,, Alexander 8th of Pitcairn & Innerethy, of that Ilk  
  Pitcairn,, George 9th of Pitcairn & of that Ilk  
Plantagenet Plantagenet, Alice  
  Plantagenet, Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent, Earl of Ardunel 1301-08-05
  Plantagenet, Ela de Longespee  
  Plantagenet, Eleanor 1312
  Plantagenet, Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster  
  Plantagenet, Ida  
  Plantagenet, Idonea Longspee  
  Plantagenet, Joan of Acre 1272
  Plantagenet, Stephen de Longespee  
  Plantagenet, William de Warenne about 1256
Plantagenet de Warrenne, Plantagenet de Warrenne,, John Earl of Warren, 7th Earl of Surrey about 1231-08-00
Plantagenet, Plantagenet,, Edmund ‘Crouchback’ Earl of Chester, Leicester, Derby & Lancaster 1245-01-16
  Plantagenet,, Edward I ‘Longshanks’ King of England 1239-06-17
  Plantagenet,, Edward II King of England 1284-04-25
  Plantagenet,, Edward III King of England 1312-11-13
  Plantagenet,, Hamelin Earl of Warenne, Earl of Surrey 1130
  Plantagenet,, Henry III King of England 1207-10-01
  Plantagenet,, Joan “the Fair Maid of Kent” Countess of Kent 1328-09-29
  Plantagenet,, Joan Princess of England about 1188
  Plantagenet,, John ‘of Gaunt’ Earl of Richmond, Duke of Lancaster 1340-06-24
  Plantagenet,, John I ‘Lackland’ King of England 1167-12-24
  Plantagenet,, William 'Longespee 1st Earl of Salisbury 1152-08-17
Polwarth Polwarth, Elizabeth  
  Polwarth, Sir Patrick of that ilk  
Pringle (or Hoppringle) Pringle (or Hoppringle), David of Pilmuir, later 4th of Smailholm  
  Pringle (or Hoppringle), James of Pilmuir, 5th of Smailholm  
Ragnvaldsdottir Ragnvaldsdottir, Ingrid  
Ragnvaldsson, Ragnvaldsson,, Rollo (Rolf) “the Ganger” Duke of Normandy about 846
Ramsay Ramsay, Alexander  
  Ramsay, David of Balmain  
  Ramsay, Elizabeth  
  Ramsay, Helen  
  Ramsay, Isabel  
  Ramsay, Margaret 1600
  Ramsay, Marjory  
  Ramsay, Marjory  
  Ramsay, Robert of Auchterhouse  
  Ramsay, Sir Alexander of Leuchars  
  Ramsay, Sir Malcolm  
Ramsay, Ramsay,, dau heiress of Leuchars  
Randolph Randolph, Isabel  
  Randolph, Isabella  
  Randolph, Sir Thomas of Strathnith, Chancellor of Scotland  
Randolph, Randolph,, Sir Thomas 1st Earl of Moray, Regent of Scotland  
  Randolph,, Thomas Sheriff of Dumfriesshire  
Rechtmar, Rechtmar,, Feidlimid 109th Ard-Righ (High King) of Ireland at Tara  
Reddoch Reddoch, Elizabeth  
Rees Rees, Alice Grace 1871
  Rees, Edith Annie 1870-10-00
  Rees, James Captain 1739
  Rees, John Mitford 1779
  Rees, Mary Laura Crawford 1869
  Rees, Richard Walter John 1876-11-02
  Rees, Walter Crawford 1844
  Rees, Walter Weguelin 1817
Reid Reid, Isabel about 1700
  Reid, Jean (Jane)  
Roberts Roberts, Bertha (I'Aigle)  
Robertson Robertson, Ann D about 1880
  Robertson, Annie Cameron 1912
  Robertson, Catherine about 1877
  Robertson, Catherine 1824-08-08
  Robertson, David 1886
  Robertson, David 1822-06-16
  Robertson, Davina Catherine 1915
  Robertson, Eleanor 1895
  Robertson, Elizabeth 1826-08-28
  Robertson, Isabella Duncan 1871
  Robertson, James Black 1831-05-22
  Robertson, James Black 1838-05-30
  Robertson, Jane (Jean) Strachan 1910-08-21
  Robertson, Jannet B about 1873
  Robertson, John about 1801
  Robertson, John
  Robertson, Mary C about 1875
  Robertson, Robert 1836-08-08
  Robertson, Thomas 1840-12-13
  Robertson, William 1833-06-27
Roet Roet, Catherine Swynford 1350
  Roet, Sir Payne of Guienne  
Rollo Rollo of Duncrub  
  Rollo, David of Mello  
  Rollo, Duncan of Duncub  
  Rollo, Elizabeth  
  Rollo, John of Duncrub  
  Rollo, Robert of Mello  
Rose Rose, Hugh of Geddes, 1st of Kilravock  
  Rose, Margaret of Kilravock about 1414
  Rose, Sir William of Geddes, 2nd of Kilravock  
Rose, Rose,, Hugh 3rd of Kilravock  
  Rose,, Hugh 4th of Kilravock  
  Rose,, Hugh 5th of Kilravock  
  Rose,, John 6th of Kilravock  
Ross Ross, Giles  
  Ross, John of Halkhead  
  Ross, Margaret of Ross  
Ross, Ross,, Godfrey Sheriff of Ayr  
  Ross,, Sir John 1st Lord Ross of Halkhead, Sheriff of Linlithgow about 1426
  Ross,, Sir John of Halkhead  
  Ross,, Sir John of Halkhead  
Ruthven Ruthven, Margaret  
  Ruthven, Sir William of Ruthven  
Sanderson Sanderson, Imogen 2002
  Sanderson, Madlena 2000
  Sanderson, Till  
Sandilands Sandilands, Christian  
  Sandilands, Sir James of Calder  
  Sandilands, Sir James of Calder  
  Sandilands, Sir James of Sandilands  
  Sandilands, Sir John of Calder  
Sandilands, Sandilands,, Sir James 5th of Calder 1433
Schaw [Shaw] Schaw [Shaw], Isobel  
  Schaw [Shaw], John of Sauchie  
Sclate Sclate, Isabell  
Scott Scott, Alexander of Baldovie 1672
  Scott, Captain William RN 1736-01-23
  Scott, David 1790-10-10
  Scott, Duncan of Murthockston 1185
  Scott, Emma Lavinia 1848-10-07
  Scott, Janet (Jessie) 1751-04-00
  Scott, John 1704-08-04
  Scott, Margaret  
  Scott, Michael of Rankilburn 1162
  Scott, Patrick of Craig and Rossie 1623
  Scott, Patrick of Rossie about 1663
  Scott, Richard of Rankilburn  
  Scott, Robert of Duninald MP 1705
  Scott, Sir Michael 1230
  Scott, William Henry 1827-08-11
Scott, Scott,, James 1st Laird of Logie  
  Scott,, James 2nd Laird of Logie, Provost of Montrose 1593
  Scott,, James 3rd Laird of Logie & of Newmanswalls 1619
  Scott,, James 4th Laird of Logie 1652
  Scott,, Sir Andrew 4th of Balwearie 1315
  Scott,, Sir Henry 3rd of Balwearie 1275
  Scott,, Sir James 12th of Balwearie 1561
  Scott,, Sir Michael “The Wizard” 1255
  Scott,, Sir Michael 6th of Balwearie  
  Scott,, Sir William 10th of Balwearie
  Scott,, Sir William 11th of Balwearie  
  Scott,, Sir William 5th of Balwearie  
  Scott,, Sir William 7th of Balwearie  
  Scott,, Sir William 8th of Balwearie  
  Scott,, Sir William 9th of Balwearie  
Scrymgeour Scrymgeour, Alexander (Schymeschur) of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee about 1293
  Scrymgeour, Mariota 1453
  Scrymgeour, Nicholas of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee  
  Scrymgeour, Sir Alexander of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee  
  Scrymgeour, Sir James of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee  
  Scrymgeour, Sir James of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee  
  Scrymgeour, Sir John of Dudhope  
  Scrymgeour, Sir John of Dudhope  
Seton Seton, Catherine about 1410
  Seton, Christian  
  Seton, Isabella  
  Seton, Sir Alexander  
  Seton, Sir John  
  Seton, Sir John of Seton  
  Seton, Sir William of Seton about 1343
  Seton, Sir William of Seton  
Seton, Seton,, Alexander 1st Earl of Huntly  
  Seton,, Sir William Younger of Seton about 1390
Shaw Shaw, Janet  
Shepherd Shepherd, Jemima  
Sibbald Sibbald, Isabel  
  Sibbald, Sir John of Balgonie  
  Sibbald, Sir Thomas of Balgonie, Treasurer of Scotland  
Sinclair Sinclair, Annabel  
  Sinclair, Beatrix  
  Sinclair, Catherine  
  Sinclair, Catherine  
  Sinclair, Eleanor 1457
  Sinclair, Elizabeth  
  Sinclair, Helen about 1470
  Sinclair, Margaret  
  Sinclair, Margaret  
  Sinclair, Mariota  
  Sinclair, Sir William of Roslin  
  Sinclair, Sir William of Roslin  
  Sinclair, Sir William of Roslin,Sheriff of Dumfries,Justicar of Galloway about 1264
Sinclair (St Clair) Sinclair (St Clair), Henry of Roslin  
  Sinclair (St Clair), Henry of Roslin  
  Sinclair (St Clair), Sir Henry of Roslin, Privy Councillor  
  Sinclair (St Clair), William of Roslin  
Sinclair, Sinclair,, Henry 1st Earl of Orkney 1379
  Sinclair,, Henry 2nd Earl of Orkney  
  Sinclair,, Henry 3rd Lord  
  Sinclair,, Sir Henry 2nd of Roslin before 1292
  Sinclair,, William “the Waster” 2nd Lord  
  Sinclair,, William 3rd Earl of Orkney, 1st Lord, Chancellor about 1430
Sinton, Sinton,, Isabella heiress of Sinton  
Skeen Skeen, Caroline Rosslyn St J 1943
Slorance Slorance, Andrew Mackay 1969-03-22
  Slorance, Melanie Andrea 1967-01-22
  Slorance, Norman 1927-03-20
Sneddon Sneddon, Robert Alexander  
Somerville Somerville, Catherine  
  Somerville, Elizabeth of Carnwath 1389
Somerville, Somerville,, John 3rd Lord of Carnwath  
  Somerville,, Thomas 1st Lord of Carnwath about 1370
  Somerville,, William 2nd Lord of Carnwath before 1400
St Clair [Sinclair] St Clair [Sinclair], Janet of Roslin 1232
  St Clair [Sinclair], Marion  
  St Clair [Sinclair], Sir John of Herdmanston 1356
  St Clair [Sinclair], Sir John of Herdmanston before 1320
  St Clair [Sinclair], Sir John of Herdmanston  
  St Clair [Sinclair], Sir John of Hermandston and Polwarth  
  St Clair [Sinclair], Sir William of Hermanstoun  
Stagbrellr Stagbrellr, Eric  
Stewart Stewart, Annabella about 1432
  Stewart, Catherine  
  Stewart, Christian (Christina)  
  Stewart, Donald  
  Stewart, Egidia  
  Stewart, Egidia  
  Stewart, Egidia  
  Stewart, Elizabeth  
  Stewart, Elizabeth  
  Stewart, Elizabeth  
  Stewart, Elizabeth  
  Stewart, Elizabeth about 1474
  Stewart, Elizabeth  
  Stewart, Elizabeth  
  Stewart, Elizabeth  
  Stewart, Elizabeth (Katherine)  
  Stewart, Eupheme  
  Stewart, Helen 1797
  Stewart, Isabel  
  Stewart, Isabel  
  Stewart, Isabel  
  Stewart, Isabel  
  Stewart, Isabella before 1348-01-15
  Stewart, Janet  
  Stewart, Jean  
  Stewart, Jean  
  Stewart, Jean (Johanna)  
  Stewart, Joan “the Dumb Lady” 1428
  Stewart, John “Mourach” of Lorn 1400
  Stewart, Katherine  
  Stewart, Margaret  
  Stewart, Margaret  
  Stewart, Margaret before 1348
  Stewart, Margaret  
  Stewart, Margaret  
  Stewart, Margaret of Albany & Fife 1375
  Stewart, Maria  
  Stewart, Marjory 1480
  Stewart, Marjory  
  Stewart, Marjory  
  Stewart, Marjory (Marcellina) about 1375
  Stewart, Mary 1416
  Stewart, Mary  
  Stewart, Mary about 1380
  Stewart, Princess Mary 1452-05-16
  Stewart, Robert III (John) of Carrick, King of Scotland 1337
  Stewart, Sir Alan of Dreghorn  
  Stewart, Sir Alexander “The Wolf” of Badenoch, 1st Earl of Buchan about 1343
  Stewart, Sir Alexander of Bonkyl  
  Stewart, Sir Alexander of Darnley about 1345
  Stewart, Sir James of Pearston  
  Stewart, Sir John of Balveny, 1st Earl of Atholl about 1440
  Stewart, Sir John of Bonkyl and Garlies 1245
  Stewart, Sir John of Bonkyl, 1st Earl of Angus  
  Stewart, Sir John of Garlies and Dalswinton  
  Stewart, Sir John of Innermeath, Lord of Lorn 1358
  Stewart, Sir John of Ralston  
  Stewart, Sir Robert of Durrisdeer 1403-07-21
  Stewart, Sir Robert of Shambothy & Innermeath  
  Stewart, Sir Walter of Garlies and Dalswinton  
  Stewart, dau  
  Stewart, dau  
  Stewart, dau  
  Stewart, dau  
Stewart, Stewart,, Alan 7th Earl of Menteith  
  Stewart,, Alexander 4th High Steward 1214
  Stewart,, Alexander 6th Earl of Menteith  
  Stewart,, David Earl of Caithness, Earl Palatine of Strathearn 1356
  Stewart,, Euphemia Countess of Strathearn  
  Stewart,, James 5th High Steward of Scotland 1243
  Stewart,, James I King of Scotland 1394-12-00
  Stewart,, James II King of Scotland 1430-10-16
  Stewart,, John 2nd Earl of Atholl 1478
  Stewart,, Margaret 4th Countess of Angus  
  Stewart,, Mary Countess of Menteith  
  Stewart,, Richard 3rd Lord Innermeath  
  Stewart,, Robert 1st Lord of Innermeath and Lorn 1379
  Stewart,, Sir David 1st of Rosyth  
  Stewart,, Sir James “The Black Knight of Lorn” about 1383
  Stewart,, Sir James 1st Earl of Buchan 1442
  Stewart,, Sir Robert 1st Duke of Albany, 10th Earl of Menteith, Regent 1339
  Stewart,, Thomas 2nd Earl of Angus  
  Stewart,, Thomas 2nd Lord Innermeath  
  Stewart,, Walter 3rd Earl of Lorn, 1st Lord Innermeath 1402
  Stewart,, Walter 6th High Steward of Scotland 1292
  Stewart,, Walter Bailloch 5th Earl of Menteith  
Stirling Stirling, Janet  
  Stirling, Katherine  
  Stirling, Sir John of Glenesk 1303
Stirling, Stirling,, Catherine Heiress of Glenesk 1331
  Stirling,, Sir William 2nd of Keir  
  Stirling,, William 1st of Keir  
Stokes Stokes, Harriet Ann 1796
Stott Stott, Rebecca  
Strachan Strachan, Alexander about 1845
  Strachan, Alexander of Thornton 1365
  Strachan, Elizabeth 1417
  Strachan, Euphemie  
  Strachan, Helen (Katherine)  
  Strachan, Jane 1847-01-20
  Strachan, John 1811-08-01
  Strachan, John 1774-05-22
  Strachan, Sir Alexander of Thornton  
  Strachan, Sir James 1290
  Strachan, Sir John of Thornton  
Strachan, Strachan,, Alexander 10th of Thornton  
  Strachan,, Alexander 7th of Thornton 1395
  Strachan,, David 9th of Thornton  
  Strachan,, John 11th of Thornton  
  Strachan,, John 8th of Thornon 1429
  Strachan,, Sir Alexander 1st Baronet of Thornton  
Straiton Straiton, Margaret of Laurieston 1430
Straiton [Stratton] Straiton [Stratton], Alexander of that ilk before 1411
  Straiton [Stratton], Sir Alexander of Laurieston  
Strathearn, Strathearn,, Malise 8th Earl of Strathearn, Earl of Orkney & Caithness  
Street Street, Ruth  
Strineling [Stirling], Strineling [Stirling],, Marjory heiress of Carse and Alva  
Stuart Stuart, Kate about 1761
Stuart [Stewart] Stuart [Stewart], Elizabeth 1453
Stuart [Stewart], Stuart [Stewart],, Sir Alan 7th of Darnley, 2nd Comte d'Evreux about 1408
  Stuart [Stewart],, Sir John 1st Lord Darnley, 10th (1st Stuart) Earl of Lennox about 1430
  Stuart [Stewart],, Sir John 6th of Darnley, 1st Seigneur d'Aubigny about 1365
Sturrock Sturrock, Alan  
  Sturrock, Andrew  
  Sturrock, Kate  
  Sturrock, Sarah  
Sumarlidottir Sumarlidottir, Thora  
Sutherland Sutherland, Alexander of Duffus  
  Sutherland, Alexander of Dunbeath  
  Sutherland, Henry of Torboll  
  Sutherland, Isobel  
  Sutherland, James Cooper 1837
  Sutherland, Janet  
  Sutherland, Marjory  
  Sutherland, Muriel  
  Sutherland, Nicholas of Duffus  
Sutherland, Sutherland,, John 7th Earl of Sutherland about 1408
  Sutherland,, Robert 6th Earl of Sutherland  
  Sutherland,, William 5th Earl (King) of Sutherland  
Syras Syras, Duncan about 1135
  Syras, Margaret 1165
Tailyour Tailyour, Jean of Borrowfield 1600
Talvas Talvas, Adela de Belesme  
  Talvas, William of Shrewsbury, Count of Ponthieu  
Tatham Tatham, John 1786
  Tatham, Laura Ann 1812-02-18
Teachtmar, Teachtmar,, Tauthal Ard-Righ (High King) of Ireland at Tara  
Thom Thom, Ann about 1804
Thomson Thomson, Jean (Jane) 1796
Thorley Thorley, Leila Mary Griffiths 1902-12-04
Thorson Thorson, Swane (Sweyn) of Crawford  
  Thorson, dau of Crawford  
Turnbull Turnbull, dau of Minto about 1350
  Turnbull, son  
Uais, Uais,, Colla 121st King of Ireland  
Ulfsson Ulfsson, Styr  
Vaus Vaus  
Vaux Vaux, Ethana about 1235
  Vaux, dau 1380
verch Llewelyn verch Llewelyn, Ellen  
von Sponheim von Sponheim, Matilda  
von Wassenberg von Wassenberg, Yolande  
von Wassenberg, von Wassenberg,, Gerhard Count of Geldem  
Waiting Waiting, Dena Scott 2008
  Waiting, John  
  Waiting, Kirsty Mackay 2006
Wake Wake, Baldwin  
  Wake, Baldwin  
  Wake, Baldwin  
  Wake, Hugh of Liddell  
  Wake, Margaret  
Wake, Wake,, John 1st Baron  
Wallace Wallace, Elizabeth of Lamington about 1295
  Wallace, Ellen  
  Wallace, Richard of Richardtoun (Riccarton) 1143
  Wallace, Sir Malcolm of Elderslie about 1220
  Wallace, dau about 1240
Wallace, Wallace,, Adam 3rd of Riccarton 1197
  Wallace,, Richard 2nd of Riccarton about 1190
  Wallace,, Sir William ‘the Patriot’, Guardian of Scotland 1270
Walter Walter, Hervey  
  Walter, Hubert  
Wardlaw Wardlaw, Elizabeth Agnes about 1562
  Wardlaw, Isobel  
  Wardlaw, John of Torrie  
  Wardlaw, Sir Andrew of Torie  
  Wardlaw, Sir Henry of Torrie about 1500
Wardlaw, Wardlaw,, Andrew 4th of Wilton, 1st of Torrie  
  Wardlaw,, Henry 6th of Wilton, 3rd of Torrie  
  Wardlaw,, Sir Henry 5th of Wilton, 2nd of Torrie  
  Wardlaw,, Sir Henry 7th of Wilton, 4th of Torrie  
Webster Webster, Elizabeth 1777
Wedderburn Wedderburn, Alexander of Kingennie 1561
  Wedderburn, Elizabeth  
Weller Weller, Amy  
  Weller, Emily 1840
  Weller, Frederick 1824
  Weller, George 1834
  Weller, Henry  
  Weller, Joseph 1843
  Weller, Mary 1843-01-03
  Weller, Peter 1838
  Weller, Rebecca 1828
  Weller, Sarah 1836
  Weller, Thomas 1795-07-24
  Weller, William 1831
Wemyss Wemyss, David of Methil and Wemyss  
  Wemyss, David of Wemyss  
  Wemyss, Elizabeth  
  Wemyss, Isobel (or Elizabeth)  
  Wemyss, John of Wemyss about 1425
  Wemyss, Margaret  
  Wemyss, Margaret  
  Wemyss, Michael of Wemyss and Methil about 1165
  Wemyss, Sir David of Wemyss  
  Wemyss, Sir David of Wemyss  
  Wemyss, Sir John  
  Wemyss, Sir John of Leuchars, Kincaldrum, Reres and Methil  
  Wemyss, Sir John of Strathardle, later of Wemyss  
  Wemyss, Sir John of Wemyss about 1513
  Wemyss, Sir John of Wemyss and Methil before 1202
  Wemyss, Sir Michael of Wemyss  
  Wemyss, Sir Michael of Wemyss after 1231
  Wemyss, dau  
  Wemyss, dau  
  Wemyss, son  
Wilson Wilson, Ann  
  Wilson, Claire 2018-07-10
Wishart Wishart, Alicia  
  Wishart, George of Plenderleith  
Wood Wood, Alexander about 1825
  Wood, Catherine (Kate) 1884-12-24
  Wood, Frank (Francis) 1888
  Wood, George 1888
  Wood, James 1850
  Wood, James 1874
  Wood, Jane 1870
  Wood, Jemima 1877
  Wood, John about 1872
  Wood, Margaret 1701-11-27
  Wood, Peter Murray 1886
  Wood, William 1881
Wright Wright, Alexander 1850
  Wright, Alexander H 1848-10-21
  Wright, Alfred 1877-09-15
  Wright, Alice Ethelind Rosemary 1925-12-21
  Wright, Alice Thompson 1895-06-23
  Wright, Amelia 1856-10-18
  Wright, Amelia Lea 1897
  Wright, Ann 1853
  Wright, Charles 1880
  Wright, Clara 1880-09-23
  Wright, Edgar Victor 1875-09-17
  Wright, Elizabeth 1839-11-26
  Wright, Elizabeth (Betsy) 1861-08-23
  Wright, Francis 1843-10-25
  Wright, Frederick 1845-11-18
  Wright, Frederick 1876
  Wright, George Farquhar Cruikshank 1863-07-13
  Wright, Gordon Lea 1912-01-27
  Wright, Gwendoline Leila 1930-02-22
  Wright, Harry 1882
  Wright, Harry 1871-01-16
  Wright, Harry Reginald 1925-12-21
  Wright, Henry James 1901-02-11
  Wright, James 1809-06-03
  Wright, James 1832-10-13
  Wright, James 1782-03-11
  Wright, James 1757-05-25
  Wright, James 1724-11-15
  Wright, James  
  Wright, James 1909-05-16
  Wright, James Robert Lea 1861-07-31
  Wright, James Simpson Green 1866-02-01
  Wright, Janet 1856
  Wright, Jean 1759-04-22
  Wright, John 1837-12-06
  Wright, John 1761-04-16
  Wright, John Bannerman 1835-06-08
  Wright, Juliet 1833-12-09
  Wright, Louisa Ann 1874
  Wright, Lucy Mary 1859-01-22
  Wright, Margaret 1763-06-12
  Wright, Margaret Simpson 1868-01-08
  Wright, Marjorie Doreen 1905-04-28
  Wright, Mary 1852-09-01
  Wright, Mary 1778-11-09
  Wright, Mary 1874
  Wright, Mary 1924
  Wright, Oswald R 1884
  Wright, Patricia 1928
  Wright, Richard 1878
  Wright, Robert 1811-02-26
  Wright, Robert 1775-06-11
  Wright, Robert James Lea 1873-10-12
  Wright, Susanna 1769-06-04
  Wright, Sydney 1887
  Wright, Sydney Lea 1864-06-14
  Wright, William 1784-06-05
  Wright, William 1870-01-08
  Wright, William Cruikshank 1842-01-16
  Wright, Willliam 1766-03-02
Young Young, Jean 1774
  Young, Madeline