This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Stewart,. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Stewart,, Alan 7th Earl of Menteith  
Stewart,, Alexander 6th Earl of Menteith  
Stewart,, Alexander 4th High Steward 1214
Stewart,, David Earl of Caithness, Earl Palatine of Strathearn 1356
Stewart,, Euphemia Countess of Strathearn  
Stewart,, James 5th High Steward of Scotland 1243
Stewart,, James I King of Scotland 1394-12-00
Stewart,, James II King of Scotland 1430-10-16
Stewart,, John 2nd Earl of Atholl 1478
Stewart,, Margaret 4th Countess of Angus  
Stewart,, Mary Countess of Menteith  
Stewart,, Richard 3rd Lord Innermeath  
Stewart,, Robert 1st Lord of Innermeath and Lorn 1379
Stewart,, Sir David 1st of Rosyth  
Stewart,, Sir James “The Black Knight of Lorn” about 1383
Stewart,, Sir James 1st Earl of Buchan 1442
Stewart,, Sir Robert 1st Duke of Albany, 10th Earl of Menteith, Regent 1339
Stewart,, Thomas 2nd Lord Innermeath  
Stewart,, Thomas 2nd Earl of Angus  
Stewart,, Walter 6th High Steward of Scotland 1292
Stewart,, Walter 3rd Earl of Lorn, 1st Lord Innermeath 1402
Stewart,, Walter Bailloch 5th Earl of Menteith