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Stockbridge History

I am currently working on a project, researching the history of Mary's Place specifically and Stockbridge generally.
As part of this I have collated some old photographs and superimposed the modern view on top.

Click on any of the images below to see a "then and now" animation

Raeburn Place in 1951, before numbers 36 and 38 were demolished

Deanhaugh Street looking over Stockbridge, before the flats on Kerr Street (on the right) were demolished

From North West Circus Place looking down Kerr Street to Stockbridge in the early 1900s, before the flats on Kerr Street (on the left) were demolished

Mary's Place in the 1960s

Raeburn Place in 1910

St Bernards Crescent in the early 1900s

Allan Street looking through to Dean Street, in the 1960s, before Bedford Crescent was demolished

Looking down Dean Street in the 1960s, before the buildings on the left were demolished

Looking down Dean Street during the demolition in the 1960s

Falshaw ford and wooden footbridge over the Water of Leith in 1874. The new bridge was built in 1877

The original Bedford Street looking towards Mary's Place, taken in the 1960s before being demolished in 1969

Detached house on Cheyne Street, backing onto Bedford Court, taken in the 1960s, before being demolished in 1969

The north side of Bedford Crescent behind Mary's Place, which was also demolished in the late 1960s and replaced with Bedford Court

Bedford Crescent looking towards Cheyne Street, before demolition in the late 1960s

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